Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cracking Champagne

Different cracking patterns, one polish
Okay, so I was going to do a blog of my festival nails but I don't have the picture right now. Grrr. Also, I didn't find any neon colours and I got run over by a tourist cyclist in the shopping street so the project 'festival nails' sort of has a bitter taste to it now :-(
Will post the mani Thursday though as it was pretty nonetheless:-).

This is a combination of an Essence Cracking basecoat and topcoat. The base is called 'Champagner'  which is actually the German word for champagne so no, it''s not a type =)

Cracking always looks cool so this is nothing special, but I think this picture shows the difference the way of applying makes in the cracking pattern. The difference between the thumb and ring finger is striking!

I used: Essence Cracking Champagner basecoat, Essence Crack me! black

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