Thursday, 14 June 2012

EURO 2012 Nails: Germany

My next stop in the adventure of EURO 2012 nails was Germany. Just watching the game minutes after the first Dutch game inspired me. I tried regular white polish first but that stayed sheer. My white stamping polish has gone gooey, I was rushed and I couldn't do the whole taping thing so it's not my best mani ever. I even tried to even it out using Paint which I am shamed to admit but even digital retouches couldn't help this one ;-)I was doubting if I should post this at all but hey: it might inspire someone and inspiration is what this blog is all about!
First, here's what inspired me:

The German EURO 2012 kit, stylish!

And this is what I turned my inspiration into:

All in all it was a cool mani and not one of my co-workers noticed so it was great being incognito as a Germany supporter ;-) I might just do this one again for the quarter finals! After I get new white polish...

I used: Essence Stampy polish, drug store brand black

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