Monday, 4 June 2012

I See You

Here's lookin' at you
Every now and then, I think I have this amazing, unique idea and I just HAVE to do the mani RIGHT AWAY. Of course then I can't help but Google the mani and see dozens of people have also had the same amazing, unique idea.

The same thing happened with this mani. All of a sudden I thought 'an eye would be awesome here!' and started designing in my head (hey, I was at work). As soon as I got home I grabbed the colours and got painting. When I Googled 'eye nails' as my nails were drying, I saw quite some eye mani's, but luckily they were all done differently and none like mine. Yay!

I am not a great freehander. The iris bled a bit and I couldn't fix it. I tried but gave up because I didn't want to reach that point where you've ruined it and can only wipe the whole thing off. All in all I thought it looked quite cool :-)

I used: Miss Sporty Et voilĂ ! Nail tip whitener, Essence Cool and the Gang, drug store brand black, Essence Quick Dry topcoat

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