Thursday, 7 June 2012

We All Need It

Love, love, love

Okay, before you go all 'my goodness she's orange! Gosh look at the state of her cuticles!' I will tell you that this picture wasn't supposed to be. The light is flash only so hardly true to life. It was taken at night, in the dark. So why? Well, my Geek writes music. He sent me a message with a recording of him playing with piece of music he's written for me. Naturally I wanted to send him something sweet in return and I had just done this earlier, wasn't happy with it but hadn't removed it. It's hardly composing a piece of music but it's the only thing I have that comes close to a talent!

I used: O.P.I Number One Nemesis, Essence Stampy Polish White, Essence Nail Art Stampy Set+ extra plate, matte topcoat.

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