Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mum's Mani

Last Saturday was a momentous day. I live a 2 hrs drive from my family, so I don't see them as often as I'd like. Last Saturday I went to spend the evening with my mum and sleep in my 'old' room. She was going to an event the next day and suddenly came out with 'you can do my nails if you want to'. Needless to say I was de-ligh-ted! =D

She's a real 'red is for toenails, toenails are for red' and 'I need a new shade of mother of pearl' kind of lady. But I was in for a surprise. A nearby nationwide drugstore (the one that sells the black polish I use) has been giving away small bottles of nailpolish with every purchase over a certain amount. They have a choice of eight funky colours so I had her choose between 'safely bold' or 'boldly bold' and she chose the latter!

These are the colours:

Etos give-away colours
And the awesome thing is, they let you choose!

Seeing as my mum is no spring chicken, I decided that there are limits to bold. I chose two colours and stuck with them, adding just a string of stamped flowers and a touch of glitter:

Mum mani

My mum is even less patient than I am. This mani really tested her patience as the freebies needed three layers to be opaque.
So after that, she really didn't want the fuss of cleaning up her cuticles and all. But I'm sure you'll forgive her. Just this once ;-) Can't wait to do her nails again!

I used: Etos freebies, Essence Glitter twin '' Edward'', Essence stamping plate

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  1. She looks awesome with those nails, she should let you do that more often!