Wednesday, 8 August 2012

3D nails, yay!

Black white nail art
Black, white, rhinestones <3

This weekend I found some sticky rhinestones in the crafts store, so I decided to try them out! This is my first ever attempt at 3D nails and I am amazed at the lasting quality.

I didn't clean up, because we had friends coming over for diner and would go play racquetball the next day, so I took the pics as soon as possible because I feared the mani might not last all that long. However, three days later, the rhinestones are still firmly in place! I have only changed the other nails =).

Also, I made my first franken! It's the holo glitter on my middle finger. It's quite awesome and I will show better pics in the next few days. As soon as there's some sun...

This was the last mani using my drug store brand black, as is had suddenly gone bad =( I bought Essie Licorice as a replacement and so far so good.

I just stuck the rhinestones in the wet polish, no topcoat. Showering, playing racquetball, cooking, sleeping, have not effected them at all. Actually I'm thinking of adding some more at the sides!

I used: drug store brand black, Essie Blanc, my first franken (yay!) 

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