Monday, 27 August 2012

Mandar-eenie so Teeny

Yes, I AM BACK! And so happy =) Time for a new mani!

Major clean-up was needed...

If you're thinking 'Goodness, this looks like a three-year-old did it', well, you are correct =)

We went to Disney last week (<3) and I suffered some serious breakage =( So during the ride home I peeled off my Pooh mani (peel-off basecoat ROCKS) and decided to cut my nails and give them a day to breathe. However, the next day my mum asked me to paint her nails and my nephew saw. So he wanted to do my nails! I couldn't be more proud of him, as he decided to use two colours, not one. He must have been paying attention to my mani's! <3

Right now I'm sporting a leopard mani, will take picture tonight with my Queen B and post =)

He used: Essie Bikini so Teeny, Essence ³ dancing in the streets

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