Thursday, 2 August 2012

Guest Post: Lovely Lilac

GA Suze: I love purple, it's that simple!

Luckily purple comes in many shades and mixes! Inspired by a lovely bush in the garden, I bought Essence Colour³ of "midnight date" with "city that never sleeps". Colour³ is a combination of two polishes, that can be used either seperately or combined (this being the third option, and explains the ³ in the name). 

I first tried two layers of midnight date and two layers of city that never sleeps. I was rather disappointed with the lack of shimmering in the dark blue and the lack of green sparkles in the purple top layers.
Sorry, no cuticle clean-up =(

Noooo, don 't crush the flower!
So off it went!

I pulled out my Etos Silver special effects nail polish, two layers as a base coat for the shimmer as the city that never sleeps is a transparent purple colour. Straight away I noticed I would need two layers to get a deeper purple. And although the green sparkles are still hardly visible, I love the glimmer effect and the shining purple! Look at how perfectly purple it turned out! Exactly like my lovely purple flowered bush! In real-life there is no VNL, that's -luckily- just an illusion in the picture :-)

I used: Etos Silver special effects, Essence Colour³ City that never sleeps

Comments by Fabby: I personally quite like the first mani. And looking at the bottle, there seem to be plenty of green glitters... I will have to steal this polish and see if I can get other results!

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