Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review: Essence Peel Off base coat

As I mentioned in my previous post, I tried Essence Peel Off base coat. Originally part of the Ready for Boarding LE, it now seems to been added to the regular assortment.I missed the LE so I used the one on the right.

Picture: Essence EU
Picture: Essence EU

First thoughts? It looks and smells like crafts glue. Remembering crafts glue and its qualities from my childhood, it actually made sense to me, too.
After some browsing, I found out I'm not the only one who noticed the resemblance with some people even going so far as to use crafts glue now as a base coat!

Clean nail
Step One: apply a generous amount of basecoat. Clean the edges.

Directly after applying
Step two: wait ten minutes for polish to dry. It will become transparent. This took about two minutes for me. It keeps feeling slightly rubbery even after ten minutes.

Half a minute after applying
One minute after applying

90 seconds after applying
Sorry about the difference in lighting. I had to take the pictures quickly (obviously) and there were some clouds :(

After ten minutes, I applied my polishes for the Warrior Princess mani. I wore that for two days I decided to matte it and boy! It was the first mani I didn't like matte :-( So it was time for The Big Peel Off!
I started by just using one fingernail to push the polish from the cuticles towards the top of the nail. This wrinkled and peeled the polish.

Tadaaa! That's my thumb with the polish that had been on there just a minute earlier. No need for remover, cotton balls, or whatever =) For the first time I didn't instantly want to grab my hand lotion.  I think it's a great idea, I will be lots less hesitant to use glitters! Plus, I love the idea that I can just remove my polish whenever I fancy, even on a busy train or at the office.
I have to say though, my sister (and guest author) didn't manage to get the polish on top smooth, she kept seeing ridges.

They advise to keep away from warm water for two hours after applying this polish so you'd better not do this before taking a shower! All in all, what do you think? Cool or yucky?

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