Friday, 9 November 2012

Lazy 15 Day Four: Water Marble


welcome to day four of the Lazy 15 Challenge! And oh boy! What a challenge =) Water marble, another thing I have never tried. Until now, that is!

So, I started with reading this tutorial. Then I gathered my stuff and started marbling!
Instead of wrapping my fingertips with tape I dipped my fingers into the Vaseline jar and then wiped the Vaseline of the nail. I went for a neon marble, because how cool would that be if it worked?

I had some trouble with the white polish. I didn't want to use the white polish that was in the OPI set, because, well, it's tiny. I tried Essie Blanc instead, but it hardened two seconds into the water so it was no use =( I ended up using the OPI mini after all. 

I have this Vaseline jar, which makes dipping easy:
Picture: Unilever
neon polish nail art challenge
Neon water marble

 As you can see from the pictures, I tried out several patterns, thought I'd make the most of it =)

I think it's quite obvious from the pictures that this was my first watermarble. But I have to say I am less intimidated by the whole thing now and will definitely try marbling again!

I used: OPI white base, OPI Ridiculously Yellow, OPI Formidably Orange, OPI Seriously Purple (OPI Outrageous Neons mini set)

Check back Monday for Day 5: Galaxy Nails =)

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