Friday, 2 November 2012

Lazy 15 Day One: Tape Mani


Today is the first day of my first challenge, whoop whoop! And if that weren't exciting anough, it's the Tape Mani, which is also a first for me! So, here it goes:

Purple gradient nails
Purple prettiness, no flash, daylight

Purple prettiness and Queen Bee, no flash, artificial light

As always, *click* to enlarge

I covered one half of each nail with tape. Then I sponged my gradient on. I applied the polish on a sheet of plastic then picked it up with the sponge, rather than applying it directly on to the sponge itself. But that's just the technique I prefer.

As you can see, I had some trouble finding the middle of my nails so I placed the tape slightly off on some nails. But all in all, the effect is quite cool and it's not like anyone is going to be measuring both sides. At least, I hope so...

And before you ask, no, I am not cheating and using this as the gradient mani for Monday ;-) I just really like gradients =D I'm sure others will post insanely delicate tape manis +( But, I'm just gettiong started, please bear with me.

Ultraviolet and Tomorrow Never Dies are both such amazing colours. I love them both and I was very happy to see they combined well! I only lost the amazing shimmer Tomorrow Never Dies has, but that was to be expected in a gradient.

That's it for Day One, check back Monday for the Gradient Mani!

I used: Rimmel Ultraviolet, OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, Essence Gel Look top coat

And don't forget to check out the other Lazy 15 guys and gals, I've been checking these blogs pretty much every hour since yesterday, haha! You can find the list after the jump:


  1. Love your take on it! Very original, haven't seen anything else like it yet! x

  2. I really like it! As Alexis said, I've never seen a half-nail gradient before, well done!

    1. Thanks! I'm a bit more confident for the rest of the lazy 15 now =) x

  3. I love purple on purple manis, and the half gradient look is definitely new to me! Nice work!

    1. Thanks! Somehow I have about a dozen of purple polishes, how did that happen?! x

    2. Those are the ones you got from me ;)
      I'm so in love with Gosh Gasoline, I found the perfect purple now! 2 layers of the OPI you gave me & 2 layers of Gasoline <3

    3. Blasphemy, covering OPI with two coats of another polish =(

  4. Love the colors, and cool technique!!!! :)