Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My new nail workspace

Happy Election Day everyone in the US!

Maybe the 'workspace' in the blogtitle sounds a bit... Pretentious.
But anyhow, my Geek and his brother were helping their parents around the house over the weekend. He came home at night with this:

I prefer to do my nails in front of the television. Between me working in another city, him being in two bands and the occasional meeting with friends, we hardly have any time together so I really don't want to go into another room to do my nails when we're both home. However, the table in front of the sofa is too low so my back is not happy with this. I thought Friday that maybe getting a laptop lap-table thingy would be a good idea, and that I should look into it.

But then without me even so much as mentioning it (or maybe in my sleep?) my Geek comes home with this beauty. It even has a light! And a little cup holder or as I call it, polish holder =)
Now I can just throw my legs over his lap, sit back and still do my nails, with proper lighting and not worrying about the cat (or me) knocking over the polish. And he can just watch annoying shows like Family Guy or whatever.

So here's a pic of me using the table for applying my basecoat. Yeah!

A light AND a polish holder!
I can't wait to properly try it tonight for the Dot manicure. I'll let you guys know if it's a succes! I got mine because GeekDad was throwing it out, but I've checked online and they seem to be not too expensive. Of course, should they be of no use, every penny spent is one too many so I can't wait to find out.


  1. A great idea!!! I usually balance a pillow on my knees with a magazine on top - you can see how many ways that can go wrong! LOL

    1. LOL yeah I learned the hard way! Quickly removing polish stains from the sofa before my bf notices I can live with, but I've been terrified the cat would knock a bottle over and I'm not sure he would appreciate neon pink or holo fur. Even though he'd be the coolest kitty of the neighbourhood.
      I tried the lap table thingy last night and it was a big succes =)