Monday, 31 December 2012


Yay! Have you missed me? I missed blogging and interacting with fellow nail art lovers! Happy to be back posting on the last day of 2012 =)

I hope everybody had a great Christmas (or any other holiday, if you don't celebrate Christmas =)) I am sure a lot of mail-related gifts were exchanged ;-)

Me, I got two Essies which I will swatch soon altough they are from a previous collection.
I got my younger sister a drop of The Man with The Golden Gun, which I put into an empty clear mini polish bottle that took ages to get completely clean. I'm not sure if she loved it, but I'm sure she liked it.

The vacation was great. As always =) The only drama was that my Kindle broke the very first day! I'm heartbroken. Really. It worked on the plane, it worked in the room, and when I woke it from standby on the beach, the top half remained frozen and only the bottom part woke =(

Please ignore my book collection...
I've had it since November 22, 2009 so I can't really complain but I'm just so sad =( Plus it happening on the first day was a real bummer. I love nothing more than reading on the beach. My Geek said he'd get me a new one for Christmas, so I'm checking which Kindle would be a good replacement. I'm thinking either Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite 3G.

I decided very last minute to keep my finger nails bare for the entire two weeks. I had been suffering some breaking and chipping so I thought I'd give my nails some time to recuperate. And it more than paid off when a lady on the beach said 'my favourite nail style is what you have, Fench manicure' and was blown away when I told her my nails were 'au natural' =D

I did do my mother's nails a couple of times so I will post those. Rather than doing one massive post, I'll be splitting my holiday-things into a couple of smaller (uh-huh) posts. My big discovery was an Egyptian polish brand named Cybele, so I will be writing about that soon!

To end this post, do any of you ever check your stats? I was just now checking them and came across this gem:
Gotta love Google Analytics
I'm just thinking of reasons a person would have to Google 'lazy Disney characters' and then click on my link! It's hilarious.

Anyway. That's it for this year folks! Hope to see you all in 2013. Have a fantastic NYE, whatever you're doing =)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Merry Manicure

Woop woop! Time for a Christmas manicure =)

Since I cannot keep measure and buy just one item online, I have not been able to buy flocking powder yet. It always seems such a waste to buy one item and then pay shipping so I end up buying things I really don't need and not being able to buy my train tickets at the end of the month, grr.
So, when my Geek and I were at a garden centre a while ago, they had all this stuff to build your own model railway landscape. I found several interesting items (I'm always on the lookout for alternatives to things that are labelled 'nail art' as it seems things double in price once they are labelled that) including powders to be used for snow and grass. I used the snowflakes for the Snow White mani, here is the grass! 

I tried adding some decorations to the tree to complete the look but... Meh. I ruined it.

Fun fact: I used two different polishes for stamping: a local drugstore brand and OPI Just Spotted The Lizard. No difference here, will have to do comparison soon =)
The drugstore brand was actually a gift from GA Suze because it underwhelmed her so I can't wait to try it for real.

I used: Essence Do You Speak Love?, OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, Etos, green 'grass' powder for model trains.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Metallic Gradient

I did this mani on my mum. She's slowly discovering nail art, and now she wanted me to do something that she could do herself next time. So I went with the super easy, always fantastic looking gradient. I explained it to her as I did it and we're both confident she'll be able to do it herself. Can't wait to see the results!
Already I am quite proud to see her with these nails!

Click to enlarge
How cool is the Spongebob she is posing with? Lol. It belongs to my nephew.

I chose to combine these two colours as I wanted to do something somewhat bold. Not pale blue -> blue or something like that. I let her choose between three colour combinations and this is what she picked. I think it looks quite festive =)

I used: NYC Full Metal Jacket and a wine red metallic NYC colour, of which I have forgotten the name =(

*Scheduled post due to holiday in Egypt*

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Yes!!! The day has arrived. My mum and I are leaving for the airport within an hour.
I just wanted to share this picture with you of Ezio inspecting the polishes I was going to pack =)

I hope you will enjoy the scheduled posts, I will try to update in Egypt as well.

Take care and keep nail-arting!

Friday, 14 December 2012

NOTD: Glitter Gradient

Quick NOTD. A glitter gradient, because those always work <3 

The base is actually a grape purple, unfortunately between packing and getting as many last minute snuggles with the cat as possible I couldn't take proper photographs.

Tomorrow we're off, so I have some posts scheduled. I hope it will all work, fingers crossed. I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself visiting the internet cafe once or twice anyway.

I used: Essence Thelma, Essence Troy, Essence Louise

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bright Back At The Golden Gun

Hi pretties,

no nail art today but a NOTD. 

This is OPI The Man With The Golden Gun over two coats of Rimmel Bright Back At You.
I love, love, love both polishes.
Click to enlarge =)

When I bought The Man With The Golden Gun, there was actually a big sign with instructions in the store. The instructions included holding the bottle upside down for a bit to get all the gold flakes to the top. This works really well for me; as you can see, I have no trouble fishing flakes out of the bottle =D

I have only used TMWTGG twice so far. Last time was over Tomorrow Never Dies, which is a dark shade. This time, I couldn't help but notice that TMWTGG is not clear, it left a yellowish shine over Bright Back At You. It wasn't terrible, but I was a bit disappointed as I love Bright Back At You so much.

Yikes, only five more sleeps till we leave for Egypt! I'm so excited! I just hope this whole constitution-thing will be calmer by then and the president will listen to his people =( Anyhow, I'm not a politician so that's all I'm going to say about this here =D

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Holiday coming up

Hi friends,

December 15th my mum and I are leaving for our beloved Egypt. We'll be back home the 30th, and I'll be at work the 31st, yikes.
But not to worry, I won't leave you without some scheduled posts =)

Right now I have one nail art post scheduled, I'm doing a swatch post and I'm waiting for a guest post from Suze. Don't worry, I'm not picking up swatching as a thing. I am always turned off when blogs I started following for the nail art start posting more and more swatches =( It's just some polishes I would like to show you =) Also, I will have purchased each swatched polish with my own money =)

I hope you won't mind and I look forward to doing some new manis in the new year! Also, my mum has already made me promise I will do her nails 'more than once' in Egypt so I hope to be able to take some pics and post them when we get back.

Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow from some brand new nail art =)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lazy Day 15 Day Fifteen: Inspired by Another Blogger's Mani

Day Fifteen, we've made it you guys! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed taking part in this challenge and seeing everybody elses pieces of art.

This was inspired by the tutorial over at Lydia's Nails. So thanks, Lydia! =)

Feather mani

I used L'Oréal Colour Riche Soft Chinchilla as a base. My mum liked it so much she has since asked me to buy it for her as well =) I can't tell you how proud I am of her. She's a busy grandma and still wants her nails to look funky.

And that's it for this challenge! I can't believe it's over. I had a blast and have discovered some amazing blogs that I will definetely continue to check. Thanks for all the inspiration guys =)
Please take your time to check out all the other amazing bloggers that did this challenge with me after the jump. I promise you won't regret it!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sinterklaas/Santa Clause

Yay, you guys! It's almost Sinterklaas! I'm so excited that I did a cool Sinterklaas-mani.

Santa Clause nail art
Isn't he a cutie? And it was so much easier than I expected.

Response from the people around me has been so great that I might just use this design around Christmas, I'll just change the hat to make him more Santa =)

There was a 2,- discount on Rimmel polishes so I bought Ruby Crush from the Precious Stones collection. I had spotted it before, but I'm still trying to not buy each and every single polish I set my eyes on. But hey, when there's a discount, it would be a shame to miss out, right? ;-)

I like this polish. The bottle boasts 'High coverage glitter nail polish' (in ALL CAPS because apparently, that's the Rimmel way to communicate) that looks best when applied in two coats. I used three just to be sure. But how cool is a glitter polish that is opaque in just three thin coats?!

I used: Rimmel 002 Ruby Crush, Essence Stampy Polish white, Hema 01 pink (no name), L'Oréal Colour Riche 611 Sky Fits Heaven, Essence A Piece of Forever, L'Oréal Colour Riche 401 Rouge Pin Up, sharpie pen (for pupils)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Lazy 15 Day Fourteen: Where I am From

Day 14! Wow wow wow! Only one more to go =) Today's theme was Where I am From. This was harder than expected. Because, where am I from? I'm probably overthinking this, but it's all a matter of context.
My mum was born in another country as my dad. His parents were also from two different countries. So although I am not technically *from* all those places, they are in my heritage, so to speak. And I could use it all for a mani, yay!

Also. Ask my colleagues- I am from a city one hour away. Ask my neighbours- I am from another city one hour away. Ask my friends- I am from a city two and a half hours away. Ask my grandma- I am from the neighbouring country. Ask our Egyptian friends- and they might say I'm from Europe. So yeah. Loads of options to choose from, which didn't make it easier!

In the end I decided to go with the most recognizable design =)

Where am I from?  =)

Can you guess where I am from? Or rather, which (part of which) country I live in? I'm sure you can =D
Oh and the middle finger is a cow, in case you were wondering...

PS An alien would probably say I'm from Earth, to add another option to the mix ;-)

I used: Rimmel Sky High, Essence Stampy Polish white, L'Oréal Colour Riche 622 Soft Chinchilla, L'Oréal Colour Riche 401 Rouge Pin Up, L'Oréal Colour Riche Sky Fits Heaven, NYC High Line Green, NYC Lexington Yellow, Hema 01 pink (no name), sharpie pen, matte topcoat

Please take your time to check out all the other amazing bloggers that did this challenge with me after the jump. The list has been cleaned up, so that should make it a lot easier =)