Sunday, 9 December 2012

Holiday coming up

Hi friends,

December 15th my mum and I are leaving for our beloved Egypt. We'll be back home the 30th, and I'll be at work the 31st, yikes.
But not to worry, I won't leave you without some scheduled posts =)

Right now I have one nail art post scheduled, I'm doing a swatch post and I'm waiting for a guest post from Suze. Don't worry, I'm not picking up swatching as a thing. I am always turned off when blogs I started following for the nail art start posting more and more swatches =( It's just some polishes I would like to show you =) Also, I will have purchased each swatched polish with my own money =)

I hope you won't mind and I look forward to doing some new manis in the new year! Also, my mum has already made me promise I will do her nails 'more than once' in Egypt so I hope to be able to take some pics and post them when we get back.

Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow from some brand new nail art =)

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