Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Golden camouflage

How dangerous are train delays?! With all those shops at railway stations, it's just too easy to spend money.
I had to wait half an hour the other day and found the drugstore at the station had reduced prices on l'Oréal and Maybelline polishes. I managed to ignore the Maybelline display but couldn't refuse a 50% off l'Oréal Color Riche Luxembourg Garden. I've since read it's supposed to be a dupe for Chanel Black Pearl? I don't have that one (have you seen the price label on it?) so I wouldn't know, but from swatches I'd say it looks pretty similar.

I found this pic by Tumblr user batsarequiet in Google cache:


I applied two coats, then used an eyeshadow applicator to sponge on a gold Miss Sporty polish. For the accent nail, I applied one coat of the lush The Man With The Golden Gun.
To even out the sponging, I applied one coat of Better Than Gel Look top coat by Essence. This was the result:

Even if it's not the same gold tint, I liked it a lot.

I used: L'Oréal Color Riche 608 Luxembourg Garden, Miss Sporty gold shimmer polish (no name), OPI The Man With The Golden Gun.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Essence Breaking Dawn Pt 2 LE

Yes, I know I am so behind with this. However, I have had these polishes for some time now and just wanted to show you what they are like. It's quite cool because I also have a LE polish from when the the first movie came out, when the LE was still called A Vampire's Love rather than Twilight!

There are four polishes in this LE. A blue glitter named Jacob’s Protection, a purple glitter named Alice had a Vision – Again, a golden polish named A Piece of Forever and finally a dark grey/hard coal glitter named Edward’s love.

The cat is inspecting the polishes
I took this pic and as you can see, it didn't work out. But I just couldn't not show you just how interested Ezio is in my polishes ;-) He loves playing with my polishes and dotting tools, the little rascal.

The colours are best visible from the bottom of the bottles. 

My absolute favourite is Alice Had a Vision - Again. It's a gorgeous purple packed with glitters and shimmers. It's the only polish I have photographed of the LE so far, so I think I might just skip on swatching the others ;-)

Click to enlarge

Friday, 25 January 2013

Cairo Love

Some time ago I bought some polishes and stripers using my Christmas giftcard. This is my first mani using those polishes and stripers =)

Striped Cairo love mani
The index finger is actually a press on. I have had to file my nail waaaay back =( But, this was a good solution and nobody even noticed =D

I used: Herome W.I.C Cairo, Herome W.I.C Perm, Etos black striper, Etos white striper

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Stash update

Hello pretties!

As I said last week, it was time for a new Ribba. I bought two this time, one to fill and one spare. My Geek was not too thrilled hehe! However, he put it up almost right away <3

So, here's an updated picture:

I organize by colour, not brand. It's seldom that I think 'Oh, I'll grab an O.P.I' rather than 'Pink would be nice'.

The first Ribba (top left) is nudes, greiges, yellows, oranges, reds.

The second Ribba (top right) is pinks, purples, blues and greens.

The third Ribba (bottom left) is specials (colour changers, stampers, pigments, crackles...) and metallics.

I filled the fourth Ribba with base coats, top coats and glitters. Also, my Essie Licorice is on this Ribba, it just didn't fit anywhere else.

I have some polishes not in the Ribba's. These are sets I keep boxed. Here you can once again see Ezio checking it out ;-)
I also have a small box for things nail art related. It was labeled 'sewing accessories' but it works perfectly. In the little drawer-thingy I keep my dotting tools etc, in the big compartment I keep artificial nails, sharpies, zip bags, stickers... Things like that.
I made myself count the polishes as I was organizing them. The total comes to *drum rolls*... 120. That's not too bad, I'd say.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fun tv commercial


No nails today. This commercial has been running for a few weeks now, and it makes me chuckle every single time I see it. Sure, it's a bit far-fetched (I would never allow my staff to eat around customers) but it's still fun.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stolen Snowman Mani

It's been snowing like crazy these past two weeks, so finally it felt like it was time for the Snowman mani I stole from the lovely Kristine over at Pink & Polished. Her mani was the December 9th prompt for the 12 Days of Christmas challenge. I loved it so much that I have been wanting to do this ever since =) She encouraged me to do it, so, here it is, at last =D

My take on the design
The original design by Kristine

As you can see, my version is the lazy girl's take on the design ;-)

And here is a bonus picture of Ezio being all suspicious about the first snowfall of the year:

I used: L'Oréal Colour Riche 622 Sky Fits Heaven, Essie Blanc, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball, Essence Get The Fever, black sharpie, star sticker

Monday, 21 January 2013

Miss Fancy Pants vs Soft Chinchilla

So, for Christmas I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Essie Miss Fancy Pants. I really like greys and greiges. Just in the beginning of December I had bought L'Oréal Colour Riche Soft Chinchilla which I used on the final day of the Lazy 15 Challenge. I immediately thought it would be interesting to see how both compare to the other.

So, here's my first ever comparison post =) First up: the bottles:

I was quite suprised to see the name on top of the Essie bottle, as my other Essies have the name on the barcode sticker.

L'Oréal Colour Riche 622 Soft Chinchilla is a true greige, where Miss Fancy Pants is more of a warm grey. They results quite differ from what you would expect from the colours in the bottles!

I tried to take some pictures in different situations because the difference in colour is quite hard to catch sometimes. I had my nails like this for three days and nobody said anything!
The third picture is probably truest. My hands are still quite tanned haha.

Click to enlarge.

So, are they dupes? Certainly not! Are they close enough together that you only need one and can skip the other? Well, that depends on how much you like greys and greiges =) I have both of them now and have no intention on giving one away or *gasp* throwing one out.

Friday, 18 January 2013

NFF: Pink Nothingness

Did you enjoy last Nail Fail Friday? Well, here's another one! Nothing too hideous, but a big Fail nonetheless.
The plan was a subtle yet glittery twist on the ever so popular french manicure. It didn't work out that way.

Remember- nobody is perfect. Learn from your mistakes, there is no shame in them. =)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Floral One-Stroke

Hello pretties,

Florals. I never do them. I think I did flowers only once before. So this mani was long overdue =)

For Christmas my sister GA Suze got me Essie Head Mistress and Miss Fancy Pants. I wore Head Mistress for a day and I love it. You can never have enough reds <3 But, after a day, plain nails bore me so I needed to spice them up.

I don't know why, but I decided to add flowers. When I gathered my colours, I thought 'hey, why not try this one-stroke technique I read about a while back?'. Yeah. Big fail. But- I didn't feel the mani itself was a fail, so it's not a Nail Fail Friday.

floral abstract nail art
Floral one-stroke
 *click to enlarge*

Actually, this picture is true to life- my fingers are still quite tanned from the Egyptian sun.

1. So, I did this art on a 24hrs-old base (two coats) of Head Mistress.
2. Then I placed a drop of white polish on a sheet of plastic.
3. Right next to that, I placed a drop of dark blue polish.
4. I dragged my nail art brush through the middle, so either side would pick up one colour.
5. Then I gently made half circles on my nails, forming flowers. I quickly realised I was doing it wrong/it wasn't working out, but I liked the watercolour-like effect so I decided to continue.
6. I then added Miss Sporty Check Matte.
7. On top of that, I added yellow flower hearts and green leaves/stems. Which means those were shiny when the rest is matte =)
Like I said, I like how it turned out even though it wasn't what I was going for.

Since I had been experiencing some chipping before my vacation, I got Sally Hansen Hard as Nails this weekend. I'm very curious to see if it will improve my nails, as chipping is basically the only problem I have with them. Lucky me =)
I only have some major drama going on around my thumbnail right now, which is slowly healing with the help of creams, oils and overnight band aids.

I used: Essie Head Mistress, Rimmel Blue Vogue, Essence Stampy Polish White, Miss Sporty Check Matte, Cybele (green), Etos (yellow)

Monday, 14 January 2013

More new polishes +glitter gradient

Honestly? My sister rocks =) Of course we don't see eye to eye all the time but hey, she gives me the polishes she no longer fancies. Ha! This weekend the score was two purples and two glitters. YES!
I used the glitters for this:
Seriously, this is so amazing, I can't stop staring at it. It frustrates me to no end that it doesn't photograph at all.
It's two coats of L'Oréal Sky Fits Heaven, two coats of Max Faxtor Fantasy Fire and a gradient of the two Etos glitter polishes. There is just so much going on on this nail <3 

Top: Oh my Glitter! Bottom: Elves Like Lilac
The purples were both Essence polishes. One was from the Fantasia LE, don't you just love when someone gives you retired polishes? On top of that, it is named Elves Like Lilac, I love funky names like that.
As you can see, even though they are both lavender-y, Oh my Glitter! has a pink shimmer whereas Elves Like Lilac has a blue shimmer. Will try to do a comparison post soon.

Also, it has come to the point where I had to buy a new Ribba (seen in My Stash). I now have four 55cm Ribba's plus one spare. This means I have to organize my polishes all over again. Oh, listen to me, pretending this will be such a tedious task! I will probably love every second of it.
I made myself promise I would count them (and quickly chucked a gooey top coat, you never know, it could have been the straw that broke the camel's back), so, yikes.
Look for new stash pictures somewhere next week =)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The virus is spreading...


If you're thinking 'wow, your hand looks different today, and where is Queen Bee?', well, that is because this is not my hand ;-)

My Geek sent this picture to me when he was visiting his sister and her family. This is his niece, look at her, such a little pro at four years old!
They have actually asked me to come to her birthday party and do the nails of all those little kids, so I'll probably be stocking up on waterbased polishes...

I love how more and more people around me are getting into polish, and I love being able to share something with kids in my family, as I can still remember how much (or little...) the adults around me shared things/hobbies with me. They are fond memories, to this day =)

Also, you may have noticed I am posting not just Tuesdays and Fridays now. I try to reserve Tuesdays and Fridays for nail art and post other stuff on other days =) Hope you don't mind.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Graffiti Nails

Hi pretties =)

Last week I spotted this pink crackle polish. It stood next to a khaki polish and I just thought 'ooooooh they would look so goooood together!' so I had to get them both =)
I couldn't wait to try them, and decided to play with some patterns rather than just applying the crackle on the entire nail.

Pink crackle on khaki
I loved the effect! It reminded me of graffiti. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and didn't manage to add the black crackle to the other nails, as the thumb looked amazing in real life. I was at my mum's house so had to improvise without Queen Bee.

Have you ever used crackle polishes for nail art?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New polishes

My boss gave me a webshop gift card for Christmas, so I went I ordered myself (a cookbook and) some polishes the other day. They arrived at the office today, yay!

L-R=> Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Herome W.I.C Cairo, Herome W.I.C. Perm, Herome I am sweet (waterbased) and two stripers =)

Can't wait to get home and try all these!

Review: Catrice Steel My Heart

Time for a quick review!

The other week I spotted two Catrice polishes that boasted 'brushed metal effect'. This intrigued me, and I wanted to try if this was like the liquid sand structure by OPI (which OPI releases Monday over here).

I bought them both even though I didn't care much about the colours. Yikes. Let's just say it was for research purposes. Plus, the names Steel My Heart and Steel My Soul are pretty cute, right? 

Left hand

The polishes were pretty much what I expected. A gritty texture, but not unpleasant. I found myself looking at my nails every now and then, moving my fingers to see the glitters/shimmer.
I won't try to describe the colours. I know I'll fail. The first thing that comes to mind for both is 'purple', however they are just... not purple. It was also impossible to photograph, so I have stolen the following pic from a Dutch blogger, BelindaPol:

Check Google for additional pics here.

Now the bad news.
I applied two coats at night before I went to bed to read. Before noon the next day, I was already bored. I just wanted to slap on a topcoat and get it over with!
Also, in the short hours I wore this polish outside of bed and it chipped like you wouldn't believe on my right hand. Come on, I don't do any manual labour, this is not how my nails should look after four hours! And well (duh)- I can't fix this by wearing a top coat. Grmbl.

Right hand
So, does this make me hesistant about getting the OPI Liquid Sand polishes? Yup. It does. But, knowing me, I might end up getting them after all ;-)

What are your thoughts on brushed metal/liquid sand polishes?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's all in the family


I just quickly had to share this picture. I have mentioned before how much my nephew loves doing our nails. Just the other day my sister GA Suze sent me this picture of my nephew doing the nails of a girl that was visiting! So cute!
Sorry, I had to quickly Paint Belle into the picture as I don't know how she feels about having her picture posted here.

I'm such a proud auntie!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello there!

You know, I am a bit bummed today because I lost my Kings of Leon mug (the one in the pic at the top of this page, right hand side).
I keep (kept :'() it at work and couldn't find it when I returned from Egypt. So I asked around but of course, nobody knew anything. This morning I asked the cleaning lady if she had seen a broken mug during my holiday and sure enough, she had. I can't believe the people I work with every day would be so cowardly and not just tell me they had dropped my mug. Next time I'll just have to take my (yet to buy) mug home when I am not in the office for a few days, which feels like such a childish thing to do because I don't even mind if others use it, but well. I feel like an ass complaining to this about you but that mug was dear to me and I'd had it for ages =(

Well. Onto more cheerful things...

Being the polish addict that I am, I can not go to any store without checking if they have some polish. Even in Egypt. The first big local supermarket we went to, Spinneys, was a big disappointment, sadly. They had all kinds of polish remover (seriously, they had ten brands and about 8 scents per brand) but no polish.

A small tourist supermarket did have some polish, somewhere hidden in the very back. The brand is Cybele.
Egyptian nail polish
'Polish? Yeah, just under the plastic tigers and toothbrushes'

I decided to buy one colour to try the quality. The bottle was 80pounds which is quite a lot for a relatively small bottle, but that was to be expected from a tourist shop. Each bottle had 'Made in Egypt' printed on it which I thought was quite cool.

Cybele Egyptian nail product
No label, just print the bottle itself hehe

After we tried one colour, we went back to get more colours because I was amazed by the quality! I bought the green polish in the top rack and it needed just one coat. I used it to make Christmas trees on my mum's ring fingers and applied it to my toes as well. I received some compliments on the beach of people who said it looked rich and shiny =) And that was just one coat =)

We later went to another store just outside the tourist zone were they were only 12 pounds =( Oh well.
One colour reminded me so much of OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, I just had to get it. I will be posting a comparison soon =) 

They also had the coolest thing in the first store:

Who needs Bourjois?

Yup, it's an acetone-soaked sponge in a glass bottle. I just had to get that too =D Never mind the picture, I sent that as a text to my sister asking her if she wanted one too. It was never meant for publication ;-)

I will definitely be looking out for Cybele next time I'm in Egypt! What is your experience with 'exotic' polish brands?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Nail Fail Friday!

Hi everyone! How are your New Year's resolutions? ;-)

When I was browsing my photo's the other day, I noticed how many pics of nails fails I have. I try to take pics of ugly nails just to remind myself to never do this again! Or sometimes I just can't for the life of me get a proper picture of a mani. So, I decided it was time to start a new category: Nail Fail Friday! It won't be a weekly thing (I hope o.O) but every now and then.
Before boasting this as my new invention, I decided to Google it and found Reach For The Polish has a similar category, so sadly I can't say this is a unique thing. But hey, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway =)

First up: purple rhinestone fail. This was a mani that just failed all around. There was massive yellow staining on my pinky and I don't remember why, or why the hell I decided not to cover this up. The rhinestones were just too large to only cover half of the nail and I didn't have enough to cover the entire nail. The ring finger had glitters, which is just too much next to the rhinestones.
Also, pointer finger had a lavender flower on it that fell off before I could take a picture but still managed to leave a mark on the nail.

Looking back, if I'd do this again, I would have purple nails, no glitter, and just cover one accent finger in rhinestones. So, I learned from the fail, yay!    

Purple Nail Fail-ness

So, what do you think? Small Nail Fail or Big Nail Fail? Don't worry, I can take it ;-) Needless to, I removed this the same evening.

Because of Nail Fail Fridays, I have decided to change posting days. From now on I will post Tuesdays and Fridays =)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas Gradient: Bloody Talons


I hope you had a great one and are not missing any fingers. I know I'm grateful the fireworks have pretty much stopped, as Ezio was one sad little kitty =( And I know the dogs back home must have been pretty scared as well.

As mentioned in the I'm BACK post, my mother asked me to do her nails a couple of times in Egypt. We had brought about 20 polishes between us plus I bought some there, so it was no problem ;-)

We started with a Christmas mani. Will post that one later. Then we did a gradient:

Bloody Festive Talons

She choose the colours herself and asked for a gradient. Sadly, as much as I loved this gradient, she didn't. She said it looked too bloody for her. Like she scratched and killed someone. I thought it wasn't all that bloody because the red was a gorgeous shimmer and it looked very festive combined with the gold.
She kept it anyway to see if it would grow on her, so kudos.

I snapped this picture on the beach, because is there any better lighting then this? <3

I used: Etos Long Lasting gold 001, Cybele 118 Fire Wave, Essence Better Than Gel Topcoat