Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas Gradient: Bloody Talons


I hope you had a great one and are not missing any fingers. I know I'm grateful the fireworks have pretty much stopped, as Ezio was one sad little kitty =( And I know the dogs back home must have been pretty scared as well.

As mentioned in the I'm BACK post, my mother asked me to do her nails a couple of times in Egypt. We had brought about 20 polishes between us plus I bought some there, so it was no problem ;-)

We started with a Christmas mani. Will post that one later. Then we did a gradient:

Bloody Festive Talons

She choose the colours herself and asked for a gradient. Sadly, as much as I loved this gradient, she didn't. She said it looked too bloody for her. Like she scratched and killed someone. I thought it wasn't all that bloody because the red was a gorgeous shimmer and it looked very festive combined with the gold.
She kept it anyway to see if it would grow on her, so kudos.

I snapped this picture on the beach, because is there any better lighting then this? <3

I used: Etos Long Lasting gold 001, Cybele 118 Fire Wave, Essence Better Than Gel Topcoat

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