Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello there!

You know, I am a bit bummed today because I lost my Kings of Leon mug (the one in the pic at the top of this page, right hand side).
I keep (kept :'() it at work and couldn't find it when I returned from Egypt. So I asked around but of course, nobody knew anything. This morning I asked the cleaning lady if she had seen a broken mug during my holiday and sure enough, she had. I can't believe the people I work with every day would be so cowardly and not just tell me they had dropped my mug. Next time I'll just have to take my (yet to buy) mug home when I am not in the office for a few days, which feels like such a childish thing to do because I don't even mind if others use it, but well. I feel like an ass complaining to this about you but that mug was dear to me and I'd had it for ages =(

Well. Onto more cheerful things...

Being the polish addict that I am, I can not go to any store without checking if they have some polish. Even in Egypt. The first big local supermarket we went to, Spinneys, was a big disappointment, sadly. They had all kinds of polish remover (seriously, they had ten brands and about 8 scents per brand) but no polish.

A small tourist supermarket did have some polish, somewhere hidden in the very back. The brand is Cybele.
Egyptian nail polish
'Polish? Yeah, just under the plastic tigers and toothbrushes'

I decided to buy one colour to try the quality. The bottle was 80pounds which is quite a lot for a relatively small bottle, but that was to be expected from a tourist shop. Each bottle had 'Made in Egypt' printed on it which I thought was quite cool.

Cybele Egyptian nail product
No label, just print the bottle itself hehe

After we tried one colour, we went back to get more colours because I was amazed by the quality! I bought the green polish in the top rack and it needed just one coat. I used it to make Christmas trees on my mum's ring fingers and applied it to my toes as well. I received some compliments on the beach of people who said it looked rich and shiny =) And that was just one coat =)

We later went to another store just outside the tourist zone were they were only 12 pounds =( Oh well.
One colour reminded me so much of OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, I just had to get it. I will be posting a comparison soon =) 

They also had the coolest thing in the first store:

Who needs Bourjois?

Yup, it's an acetone-soaked sponge in a glass bottle. I just had to get that too =D Never mind the picture, I sent that as a text to my sister asking her if she wanted one too. It was never meant for publication ;-)

I will definitely be looking out for Cybele next time I'm in Egypt! What is your experience with 'exotic' polish brands?

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