Sunday, 27 January 2013

Essence Breaking Dawn Pt 2 LE

Yes, I know I am so behind with this. However, I have had these polishes for some time now and just wanted to show you what they are like. It's quite cool because I also have a LE polish from when the the first movie came out, when the LE was still called A Vampire's Love rather than Twilight!

There are four polishes in this LE. A blue glitter named Jacob’s Protection, a purple glitter named Alice had a Vision – Again, a golden polish named A Piece of Forever and finally a dark grey/hard coal glitter named Edward’s love.

The cat is inspecting the polishes
I took this pic and as you can see, it didn't work out. But I just couldn't not show you just how interested Ezio is in my polishes ;-) He loves playing with my polishes and dotting tools, the little rascal.

The colours are best visible from the bottom of the bottles. 

My absolute favourite is Alice Had a Vision - Again. It's a gorgeous purple packed with glitters and shimmers. It's the only polish I have photographed of the LE so far, so I think I might just skip on swatching the others ;-)

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