Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's all in the family


I just quickly had to share this picture. I have mentioned before how much my nephew loves doing our nails. Just the other day my sister GA Suze sent me this picture of my nephew doing the nails of a girl that was visiting! So cute!
Sorry, I had to quickly Paint Belle into the picture as I don't know how she feels about having her picture posted here.

I'm such a proud auntie!


  1. Today he wanted to buy another polish, but he kept choosing one we already have! So I promised we'd look for a new one next week:)
    It was so cute when he painted her nails, he was fully concentrated to do the best he could :)
    Well thought of the Belle insert! The girl indeed was a belle!

    1. Haha he must really like that one then! Have you tried Herome waterbased polishes? They are supposed to be super easy remove in just luke warm water. I ordered one, will bring it this weekend.
      Yeah, I thought Belle was the best representation of her =)

  2. So less chemicals then! That would great for him! Will check it out! Where can I get them?