Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review: Catrice Steel My Heart

Time for a quick review!

The other week I spotted two Catrice polishes that boasted 'brushed metal effect'. This intrigued me, and I wanted to try if this was like the liquid sand structure by OPI (which OPI releases Monday over here).

I bought them both even though I didn't care much about the colours. Yikes. Let's just say it was for research purposes. Plus, the names Steel My Heart and Steel My Soul are pretty cute, right? 

Left hand

The polishes were pretty much what I expected. A gritty texture, but not unpleasant. I found myself looking at my nails every now and then, moving my fingers to see the glitters/shimmer.
I won't try to describe the colours. I know I'll fail. The first thing that comes to mind for both is 'purple', however they are just... not purple. It was also impossible to photograph, so I have stolen the following pic from a Dutch blogger, BelindaPol:

Check Google for additional pics here.

Now the bad news.
I applied two coats at night before I went to bed to read. Before noon the next day, I was already bored. I just wanted to slap on a topcoat and get it over with!
Also, in the short hours I wore this polish outside of bed and it chipped like you wouldn't believe on my right hand. Come on, I don't do any manual labour, this is not how my nails should look after four hours! And well (duh)- I can't fix this by wearing a top coat. Grmbl.

Right hand
So, does this make me hesistant about getting the OPI Liquid Sand polishes? Yup. It does. But, knowing me, I might end up getting them after all ;-)

What are your thoughts on brushed metal/liquid sand polishes?

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