Thursday, 24 January 2013

Stash update

Hello pretties!

As I said last week, it was time for a new Ribba. I bought two this time, one to fill and one spare. My Geek was not too thrilled hehe! However, he put it up almost right away <3

So, here's an updated picture:

I organize by colour, not brand. It's seldom that I think 'Oh, I'll grab an O.P.I' rather than 'Pink would be nice'.

The first Ribba (top left) is nudes, greiges, yellows, oranges, reds.

The second Ribba (top right) is pinks, purples, blues and greens.

The third Ribba (bottom left) is specials (colour changers, stampers, pigments, crackles...) and metallics.

I filled the fourth Ribba with base coats, top coats and glitters. Also, my Essie Licorice is on this Ribba, it just didn't fit anywhere else.

I have some polishes not in the Ribba's. These are sets I keep boxed. Here you can once again see Ezio checking it out ;-)
I also have a small box for things nail art related. It was labeled 'sewing accessories' but it works perfectly. In the little drawer-thingy I keep my dotting tools etc, in the big compartment I keep artificial nails, sharpies, zip bags, stickers... Things like that.
I made myself count the polishes as I was organizing them. The total comes to *drum rolls*... 120. That's not too bad, I'd say.


  1. Hello! Wow that collection is mammoth, you could get lost in it! I love your blog, your nail art is utterly inspirational. And I thought I had a collection. No way! It's about one 20th the size of yours. :D

    1. Thanks! =)
      And just wait- you'll have a stash like this before you know it ;-)