Sunday, 13 January 2013

The virus is spreading...


If you're thinking 'wow, your hand looks different today, and where is Queen Bee?', well, that is because this is not my hand ;-)

My Geek sent this picture to me when he was visiting his sister and her family. This is his niece, look at her, such a little pro at four years old!
They have actually asked me to come to her birthday party and do the nails of all those little kids, so I'll probably be stocking up on waterbased polishes...

I love how more and more people around me are getting into polish, and I love being able to share something with kids in my family, as I can still remember how much (or little...) the adults around me shared things/hobbies with me. They are fond memories, to this day =)

Also, you may have noticed I am posting not just Tuesdays and Fridays now. I try to reserve Tuesdays and Fridays for nail art and post other stuff on other days =) Hope you don't mind.

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