Thursday, 7 February 2013

Valentine NAC Day 5: Lace or Fabric

Day 5 of the Valentine Nail Art Challenge, yippie! And it brings us: Lace or Fabric. Ooooh!

But before we continue, please hear me when I tell you to turn off CAPTCHA on your blog. Especially if you enjoy getting comments as much as I do! Honestly, you will see an increase in the amount of comments.
If you are not sure how to switch off CAPTCHA or are unsure if you have it switched on or off, it is super super easy:

Go to the Setting tab on your blog overview page.

In the settings menu, click Posts and comments.

Under Comments, check the settings for 'Show word verification'. Change this to 'No'.

If you want, you can change who is allowed to comment here. This should eliminate spam. Also you can choose to moderate comments.

On to the mani. This was an all-round fail. I came home last night at 7 and had to do this mani, take pics, have dinner, bake and decorate 36 cupcakes (did I mention it's my birthday today?), do a birthday mani and be in bed by 10! So, yikes!

The theme was Lace or Fabric and I went for a bit of a naughty interpretation... The accent nail is the upper leg part of a lady wearing suspenders. 

Kids, look away!

I used: Rimmel Bare Necessities (how apt!), NYC Rock Muse, Etos striper

As always, check out the other ladies doing this challenge:  


  1. I thought I was the only one who hated the CAPTCHA nonsense. So glad i'm not alone. Thank you for bringing this to others attentions. BTW love your naughty lace mani! Happy burfday too! Hope you can relax and have a great day!

    1. Thanks, I had a great day and the festivities and gift-giving will be this weekend so I get to celebrate all over again =)

  2. I hate captcha too! hahaha I love your manicure <3

  3. Congrats! I nominated you for a Leibster award.

    Go here for details

    1. Awww thank you! =D Will post acceptance speech/post ASAP =D