Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mini review: Bourjois Pshiit Nail Art Kit

Just a quick photo review of the elusive Bourjois/Pshiiit nail art kit I bought the other week. I'm very happy with the stickers and the striping tape. The stencils are not so great. I will be posting a mani I made with the star stickers soon, you'll see for yourself what I mean then.

If you find it in stores, I definetely recommend you to get it! Especially if you're a nail art novice =)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Minty Fresh Neon Cat


with this mani I tried to scare away winter so it would finally be spring here. No luck so far.

The ingredients for a happy 'buh-bye winter, hello spring!' mani can obviously only be minty green, neon pink, studs and cats. Right? So here it is, my Mint Fresh Neon Cat:

My hands are so dry in this pic =(

The triangle I made with stencils from the Bourjois/Pshiiit set.
The studs are red studs by Kiss that I wrote about here. I just painted them with the pink polish before sticking them on my nails =D

By the way I am loving these pastel skittles that keep popping up in my blog list! For example this one by Captivating Claws. It's a guest post at ChrissyAi. I think I'll probably do something similar for Easter =)

I used: Bell Air Flow 712, Urban Decay Woodstock, cat sticker and stencils from Bourjois Pshiit nail art kit, studs by Kiss (painted pink, originally red)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Lemony Flutter

Look what I received in my Glossybox this month! A 10g tin of Lemony Flutter =) I'm so happy to have it in a size I can always take with me now =D

Baroque Stamping

If you've been checking this blog for a while, you know how stamping makes me feel. Inadequate. Envious. And all that. I still try to make myself think I can do anything as long as I work hard for it and practice, practice, practice. So have I given up stamping? No way Jose.

Here is my latest stamping adventure. A posh baroque design.
The l'Oréal polish stamped so well! I messed the mani up by leaving remover on the plate and then by adding the matte top coat too soon. Oh well. 

Barok stamping
I had to take this picture at work so blurred the radiator in the background ;-)

As you can see, I suffered some askew stamping on the pinky finger and index.
The look was what I called 'zombie chic'. That just came to mind when I saw the colours combined and the design itself =)

OT: I'm a bit bummed because Vampirestat is back in my blog statistics =( I hadn't seen them since I added robots.txt but now they're back. Is anyone else seeing the return of referral spam like vampirestat on their blogs?

I used: Essie Miss Fancy Pants, l'Oréal Color Riche 404 Scarlet Vamp, Miss Sporty Check Matte

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Just a quick post today. The pic is no good either, had to take it at the office. Hope it can inspire you anyway =)
Black & white stamping over a minty green polish, with a studded accent nail. The beads/studs came in a nail art decoration set from the Essence Vintage District LE.
The stamp design is from a new plate. Well, I'm not sure if it's actually newly released- I had just never seen this particular plate in stores before. I can't find any details on plates on the Essence website, unfortunately.

 I used: Bell Air Flow 712, Essence Black & White Stampy polish, Essence Stamping kit Plate, Essence beads/studs.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Nail Art Challenge (all prompts)

Whoop whoop! My sister has decided to venture into the exciting world of nail art challenges =D This is so exciting =) She loves everything Irish so she is doing the St Patrick's Day challenge hosted by Dipped in Lacquer. I'm posting them all in one post throughout the day, hope you don't mind Roxy!

As always- click to enlarge.

Day One: Green

Day Two: Pot o' Gold:

Day Three: Leprechauns
And how cute are these?! I'm so proud and slightly envious. They are Sage and Onion, whom we both adored when we were younger. Check out a bit of nostalgia at the bottom of this post =)

Day Four was Shamrock:

Day Five: Free for All
I promise you these were fantastic. She was on the road all day so she barely had time to take pics =( It's a glass of Guinness complete with logo =D

Sage and Onion nostalgia <3

She used:
Day 1, Green: Essence Check Me Out, Essence Walk on The Wild Side
Day 2, Pot o' Gold: Essence Galactic Black, Catrice How I Matt Your Mother, OPI The Man With The Golden Gun
Day 3, Leprechaun: Essence Galactic Black, Catrice Ultimate Nudes Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower, Herome green polish (no name), Essence Nail Art pen in orange (no name), Maybelline gold polish (no name)
Day 4, Shamrocks:
Day 5, Free for All:

Friday, 15 March 2013

Summer Fruits


I don't know about you, but I am loving the fact that the sun is up by the time my alarm goes off, and sometimes is still up when I get home. Not seeing any daylight except through the office windows is so depressing!

So to celebrate the days getting longer, here's a summery, fruity mani.

Claires nail art fruit fimo
Fruity nail art
I threw out Essie Blanc as no amount of polish thinner was rescueing it. This is my first mani with a Hema white polish.
The fruit is from a Claires set. They come in a wheel. Honestly, Claires has so much nail stuff these days!
I used nail glue to attach the fruit to my nails. It worked like a charm. However, the apple snapped in half after about two hours =(

All in all, it was a bright mani that cheerep me up every time I looked at it. So I will most certainly be using these fruit slices again.

I used: Hema white, Claire's fimo fruit, Essence nail glue

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

NPR - Ombre hair

Something not polish related today. I hope you don't mind. If you do, just skip this post, I promise I won't make a habit of it. Just a bit of randomness today =)

My hair is a colour we call 'salt and pepper' at home. Actually, I had a conversation like this a couple of years back:

Male friend: 'What is actually your natural hair colour?'
Me: 'See that colour here, at the roots?'
Male friend: 'That greyish colour?'
Me: *evil stare* 'Yes.' 

So I have been colouring my hair ever since I was 13, I think. I have had every red and a lot of purples, even black and blue. In recent years, I am more drawn to browns and subtle reds, however. My hair has a lot of 'warmth' as the hair dresser so fancily calls it, so any red becomes ten times more so once applied to my hair. So I tend top stay away from them now.
In the sun, my hair goes very light. So in winter I have dark brown hair and in summer blond.
However, last time I was at the hairdresser she asked me if I had had my hair done recently. I was confused and said no, when she added 'ombres are very *now*'. So that got me thinking. I know a lot of people seem to be 'over' ombre hair, but me? Just like for nails, I love myself a gradient! =D

So I went and got this set:

This worked like a charm. It comes with a fantastic brush- it's all very easy. The result was very good. No one even noticed it! In the pictures below though you can really see the difference between top of my head and the ends!
Ombre hair
After taking these pics, I have added some lowlights so there's more of a contrast. The contrast is not quite like on the box though. I expected to love this and not worry about touching up the roots, but I'm still quite fussed about them. The look is not as hassle-free and low-maintenance as I expected ;-)
Will keep it for now though!

Have you ever done ombre hair? Or is ombre just a look meant for your nails?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mermaid Accent Nail

Hello pretty people! Are you basking in the spring sun or is anyone sharing my still-wintery mysery?

The other day my Geek and I were in a drugstore and they had Bourjois polishes 50% off. Whoop whoop! They also had the Pshiiit nail art kit (more about that later!) so I knew I had to get that, even though there was no price tag. These kits have been sold out at every Bourjois display I see!
On top of that, we both pulled the same lush blue 50% off polish so I took that as a sign and all but ran for the register.
At home I realised the polish was called Bleu Fabuleux so it's like it was meant to be =D

I had been wearing OPI Got Your Number so I decided to use that as an accent nail. It's a Liquid Sand polish. I didn't like the look too much... So I added one coat of  Rimmel Cutie Colada. The 3D look that suddenly appeared is almost like scales!

The picture is actually quite bad. Bleu Fabuleux is a fantastic colour, my Geek said it looks almost luminescent. It's perfect <3 It really needs a top coat though- as with most Bourjois polishes, it chipped within a day. But by then I was ready for some new nail art (and those Pshiiit thingies!) so it was all good. Be sure to check back for that later =)

Monday, 11 March 2013

EU = Cruelty Free!
Today is a BIG day for the European Union. As of today, it is against to law to sell cosmetics that have been tested on animals. This includes the testing of ingredients, not just finished products. Yup!
My cosmetics collection or even polish stash is not (yet) 100% cruelty free, but it's something I am working on and *should* be so much easier now. I just don't understand why any animal should suffer just because I am vain enough to want to paint my nails a funky colour =(
So this is a fantastic development, go EU!

I am very curious to see how this actually happens in stores though. I can't imagine all these stores EU wide just chucking out Clinique and l'Oréal cosmetics, to name just two baddies. Like the Huffington post I linked to above writes it:
"While the industry's rabbits, mice or guinea pigs used in testing will now be spared, consumers are unlikely to notice immediate changes because products containing ingredients that were tested on animals before the ban can remain on the shelves."

Does anyone even know what this means? Does it mean [cruel brand] is in stores now so they can continue to sell? Can they release new products or only sell their existing lines? For example- is the product that can remain on the shelves 'polish' or is the product 'Bubblegum Pink 1'?

Read an up to date list about Cruelty Free companies here or visit GoCrueltyFree.

If you are in the EU, have you noticed anything? Let me know!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Silver lining


it's time for some glequin nail art! Of course, this is yet another look perfected by the Nailasaurus.
I'm not even nearly as neat and patient as Sam though!

Spring skies, silver linings...
 If you look closely, you will see that the two nails without top coat (pinkie and index) are not quite as dark as the other fingers. Interesting!

I love the holo diamond shaped qlequins but I realized as I was applying them that they were all different sizes =( There was no way I could make a neat grid. So thank you, Essence, for making this mani even harder for me. Grmbl.

The hexes were all perfect. Next time, I will try covering the entire nail with hexes, not visible nail polish. Oh yeah!

Essie Bikini so Teeny, Essence Nail art glequins (Vintage District LE)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Daily Lacquer Moulin Rouge

Remember how I gave in and made an Etsy account while back? Well, here is my first Indie <3 Don't worry, I won't be posting indies all the time now ;-)

My first indie is Moulin Rouge by the talented and sweet Maggy of Daily Lacquer, with black tips (I used my striper). Maggy has a newly launched shop on her website as well. As much as I'd hate you all scooping up those polishes before I'm able to get my hands on them, she really deserves all the sales she gets.

This is two coats and a topcoat.
I used a green polish without base coat just two days before applying this, so any yellowness or discolouration is my own. The polish is flawless <3

What was your first Indie?

Friday, 1 March 2013

NOTD: Black & Gold


a quick NOTD: OPI Man With The Golden Gun over Essie Licorice. I haven't regretted buying this insanely expensive top coat yet, it's always a win whether it's over dark or bright colours  <3

Gold Flake nail polish
Black & Gold