Monday, 11 March 2013

EU = Cruelty Free!
Today is a BIG day for the European Union. As of today, it is against to law to sell cosmetics that have been tested on animals. This includes the testing of ingredients, not just finished products. Yup!
My cosmetics collection or even polish stash is not (yet) 100% cruelty free, but it's something I am working on and *should* be so much easier now. I just don't understand why any animal should suffer just because I am vain enough to want to paint my nails a funky colour =(
So this is a fantastic development, go EU!

I am very curious to see how this actually happens in stores though. I can't imagine all these stores EU wide just chucking out Clinique and l'Oréal cosmetics, to name just two baddies. Like the Huffington post I linked to above writes it:
"While the industry's rabbits, mice or guinea pigs used in testing will now be spared, consumers are unlikely to notice immediate changes because products containing ingredients that were tested on animals before the ban can remain on the shelves."

Does anyone even know what this means? Does it mean [cruel brand] is in stores now so they can continue to sell? Can they release new products or only sell their existing lines? For example- is the product that can remain on the shelves 'polish' or is the product 'Bubblegum Pink 1'?

Read an up to date list about Cruelty Free companies here or visit GoCrueltyFree.

If you are in the EU, have you noticed anything? Let me know!

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