Monday, 8 April 2013

Not Polish Related: Cats & Balconies

Please forgive me for posting something NPR. It's about cats though, to the interwebs that's practivally the same. Right? I mean - we have Beauty Cat and Sophisticated Cat both talking about nail polish.

Anyway. This weekend was the first where we wanted to open our balcony door. Well, the first since we've had Ezio.
Ezio is an indoors-cat. We do want him to enjoy the lovely weather as much as we do, however, we want to keep him safe at the same time. Over time, we hope to be able to teach him to enjoy the balcony but stay off the railings.
The cats on the next balcony are often outside so really I'd like to ask our neighbours how they did it, but I would feel like a weirdo ringing their bell to ask them about their cats!

So, for now we have a temporary solution. We've put a hook in the door post and attached a cat leash to it, then opened the door. Actually, I am not sure if it is called a leash. But harness sounds so cruel!
Overall he's just fine with the leash, he'll play wearing it but sometimes he likes to be a little drama queen and go all crocodile-death-roll on us.

Leaving the door open while he was on the leash seemed a bit bewildering to him. So, we moved his favourite chill-out spot to the door opening.
This is a cat hammock that he never cared for until we put it over the back of a chair. Like this -------->

We have since put weights on the chair to balance it and keep Ezio safe.
So, last weekend we moved the chair to the open door and put Ezio on his leash. That way, he could watch, hear and smell everything from the comfort of his favourite spot. I believe it was an all-round win! Here he is, in total awe. Safely indoors with his people, but fooling himself that he's actually a brave outdoors-kitty.

Of course, one of us stayed within viewing range at all times. I still hope we can find a way to train him (ha! I just said 'train' about a cat!) to stay on the balcony without the leash. If anyone has any tips, they would be greatly appreciated!