Monday, 27 May 2013

Primark 3D mani

Hello again!

The other week I finally had the opportunity to visit Primark again with my sister and mother. It had been months! My sister told me about the '3D' nail product they carry, so I knew I had to buy at least a set of that =)

I picked this set:

The polish in the set was a nightmare. As in- I still had VNL after five coats. Ugh. I don't have the time nor the motivation to do five coats! I was glad I tried it on one nail the night before I was going to do the full mani.

I wasn't going to do a full nail with the beads either. I was too worried they would fall off and leave me with a messy mani at work. So, I did a French mani with a bit of spice =)

How festive does this look?! They really remind me of sprinkles.

As you can see, my middle finger has a bird sticker on it. It didn't come off when I cleaned my nails so I figured I'd leave it there and see how long it would last =)

What do you think? Subtle or no way near enough beads?=)


  1. Love them theyre so cute! Shame polish was rubbish i'm not a fan of primark polishes but i keep trying in hope!

  2. that actually does look in style for Summer!