Tuesday, 9 July 2013

GA Rox: Velvet Diamonds Nail Art

So sorry you guys, I know I haven't been posting or doing great nail art. Apart from my KoL mani =)
You can read the reason after the break at the bottom of this post.

Thankfully my sister Rox did a mani using some of my polishes =D

The blue is a Misslyn Velvet Diamonds polish which I haven't tried yet, can't wait to see the effect and how it compares to other brands.

Click to enlarge

Misslyn is a new brand for me. Just the Velvet Diamonds collection boasts eight colours. I also picked up some stud stickers and nail art stickers which I will hopefully use and review soon.

Rox used: Misslyn Velvet Diamonds 85 Royal Blue, Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away, Nails Inc Cambridge Terrace.

Truth is, My Geek broke up with me so I had to gather all my stuff and put my polishes in a box so I could move out. Since then we have talked and talked and talked for hours, and he's in a place now where he doesn't want to leave me, but he's afraid we'll have to break up in six months or so after all and he couldn't bear to inflict all the pain on both of us again. Some people say that's the most romantic thing ever, others say he's a scared little baby who needs his ass kicked, others say I should get out NOW because it's abvious he's done with me.
So yeah, I haven't been feeling up to doing my nails, let alone blog.

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