Friday, 20 September 2013

Feathers are ALL the rage.

Hi pretties =)

The other week a local drugstore announced they would be stocking InVogue polishes. This is a new brand for me so I tracked it down. When I found the display one night at central station (SO dangerous!), I noticed the feather polishes immediately. I had been looking at these but from Nails Inc. So I picked up a black concrete finish and 'On the money', a clear polish with yellow and blue bars.

I was really miffed when I wanted to open the bottle. Because this:

I can't be sure if it's a brand thing or a store thing, but I know this store doesn't even tape their Essies this way. And those cost twice as much.

When I tried to remove the tag and tape, the result was this: 
Yes. The black had not only come off the label, but also the cap itself.

The black one looked like this:

Not a good start!

But. Onto the polish itself. As I mentioned, it's very similar to Nails Inc Brighton. I will not be getting both polishes since they are clearly too similar for my liking, so I can't be doing a side by side comparison. But I think the following photo's will be informative enough. Click to enlarge!

InVogue On The Money:

Nails Inc Brighton:
Source: LittleBeautyBag
Source: Beautylab (NL)
On top of that, it also resembles....

Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea:
Source: Libby's Pink Vanity

Barry M Sour Apple:
Source: Beautyill (NL)

Seriously, did all of polish land suddenly decide it was cool to do this? I know I am probably really behind on this but hey. InVogue was only just released here ;-) I am baffled that they wouldn't just use the same idea, but the exact same colour combinations.

Do you own any of the above polishes? Which would be your polish of choice?

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