Friday, 1 November 2013

NOTD: Darling Diva Polish Get Off

Pretties,I know I am behind on my nail art. Good thing it's FRIDAY today so I'll be able to finally sit down and do my nails properly. I hope you are all looking at a fantastic weekend =)

Quick Nails of The Day. Nail polish of the Day, actually.

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This is Darling Diva Polish Get Off. I got this by ordering the 5 for 25 deal on their Etsy. This means you get five polishes that are no longer listed. I love this deal!

Get Off actually is still listed, but the swatch is different. As you can see, my Get Off dries up more blue-silvery than you'd expect from the bottle. No problem for me, as I went into this without any expectations. I love it just the way it is <3

This is what you get if you order a bottle of Get Off: 

Source: Etsy
Because of this and the fact that they say they put no longer listed polishes in this deal, I actually think my bottle may be labeled incorrectly. Either way, I love the polish.

Have you ever tried deals like this one? Any deals to recommend me?


  1. Interesting, because it has the same glitter in your bottle I see in mine, but definitely lighter/silvery blue, not purple like I see in my swatch. Maybe it was a botch and that's why it went into the deal. I have lots of Darling Diva -- love!

    1. Yay, another Darling Diva fan!
      I was so surprised to see how blue it turned out after it dried, I hadn't expected it from the bottle. Reminded me of the fact that Indie makers are nothing less than polish wizards.

      I am actually expecting a package of 8 DDP, which will just about double my collection ;-)