About Me & Contact

Who are you? 
I am a 30-year-old nail polish obsessed girl. Woman. Whatever.
I live with by boyfriend (aka My Geek) and our cat Ezio (yes, he is named after the Assassin's Creed character =)). On weekends I try to visit my mother and sisters and do their nails, too. Even my four-year-old nephew loves nail polish and proudly does our nails whenever we let him. Other than that, I love watching my Geek's band perform, and spend many hours reading ebooks on my much-loved Kindle or playing games on our PS3.

Why do you blog?
To inspire other nail amateurs.
I had been doing my nails for quite some years when I first discovered nail blogs. I was so inspired by them and after a while, I couldn't go online without checking some of them. Plus I also found myself looking for swatches online if I had my doubts about buying a certain polish.
After a while, I decided I wanted to inspire people with my nails as well. I want people to think 'hey, if she can do this, so can I!'. This is a blog full of easy nail art. For the clumsy, busy or downright lazy!

Can I email you? 
Sure! You can reach me at FabbyNailedit[at]gmail.com.

Do you Tweet?
Yes, but not about nail art or polish. So you can send me a tweet, but don't follow me if you're looking for nail-related twitter peeps =) Find me @_Fabby.

Is this all your own work?
Yup, unless mentioned otherwise. I see no point in posting perfect manicures other people have done, as my entire goal is to show it doesn't have to be perfect, anyone can do cool nail art and practice makes perfect =)

How many polishes do you own?
I don't know, somewhere around 200 I think. I'm putting them all in an app, so I guess I'll know soon!