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Friday, 18 October 2013

Comparison: Cybele Blue Ray vs OPI Tomorrow Never Dies

Pretties, it's time to compare two polishes to see if they are dupes!
Ten months ago I bought Cybele polishes in Egypt. This was just after I had gotten some polishes from the OPI James Bond collection, so this one polish really jumped out at me, since it looked extremely similar to Tomorrow Never Dies.

So, ten months on, here is the comparison post! Are they dupes? Let's see...

 The bottle shot. Pretty similar, non?

Here are the polishes on my nails. Three coats for each. You could probably get away with two for both polishes, but I took no risks.
Left to right, this is... Hmm. Hang on. I wrote it down somewhere...
Ah! Here it is:

Are they dupes? The bottom two pictures make me think the OPI is somewhat more purple. But I never saw that in real life. No matter what, I think it's so cool that a made in Egypt brand is putting out polishes that look almost identical to OPI!
Needless to say, I'll be going back to the store to buy some more of these polishes this Christmas!

Thanks for reading! Check back Sunday for the first prompt of the Halloween Nail Art Challenge :-)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

#HePicksMyPolish September Challenge

Soooo, The Sparkle Queen came up with a cool challenge: #HePicksMyPolish.

Since I am always bugging my man to do my nails (he's a fantastic artist) but he refuses (it's not manly and all that), I thought this would be the perfect way to... Ease him into it! Ha! He agreed to do it, thought it was fun even. I was going to post this before the weekend but something very exciting came up (more to follow!) so it had to wait.

So. Step 1 was easy. Since all my polishes are on display in our living room!

Step 2. My guy is always home before I am. He texted me to say the three polishes were waiting for me when I got home. He also cooked for me before he left for band practice. It was a good night!
He picked a Cybele polish that is a dupe for OPI Tomorrow Never Dies (if you ask me), Nails Inc Cambridge Terrace and Bourjois Lime Catwalk.

Step 3. Well, here is the result:
Easy Nail Art Challenge
Click to enlarge
I have to say, when I first saw the polishes, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off. The Cybele and Nails Inc were perfect together, but to add the Bourjois? Gasp.

Step 4. Well, I shared here. I also shared in the Facebook group. Check it out!

Step 5. The polishes are listed in Step two. He= my man. Even though he dumped my ass at the beginning of summer, he soon realised his life sucks without me, so HA!
Yeah that's just me acting all tough. I am thankful everyday that he came to his senses and we can make each other happy again.
Free tip for those of you who are in a relationship: communication, communication, communication.

I really enjoyed this challenge. Even though it's almost October, I am definitely going to be doing this again. The next 'he' might be my nephew, I'm sure he'd be honoured!

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine NAC Day 6: Dotticure

Day 6! We're getting there. I am desperately trying to catch up actually, but I will not fail this challenge *shakes fist violently in the air*
Day 6 means Dotticure. I suck at dotticures. I don't know why but my dots are never regular. I have a pretty good dotting tool, so I guess we can only put it down to impatience. Le sigh.

As you can see, Day 6 also brings us the return of the Spongebob Ball (plus here) ;-)
From the pictures it looks slightly like the purple hearts have holes in them, they don't. I suppose the colours were just too much a like in the sunlight =)

I used: Maybelline Ocean Blue, NYC Supernova, Cybele purple
Model: GA Suze

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Floral One-Stroke

Hello pretties,

Florals. I never do them. I think I did flowers only once before. So this mani was long overdue =)

For Christmas my sister GA Suze got me Essie Head Mistress and Miss Fancy Pants. I wore Head Mistress for a day and I love it. You can never have enough reds <3 But, after a day, plain nails bore me so I needed to spice them up.

I don't know why, but I decided to add flowers. When I gathered my colours, I thought 'hey, why not try this one-stroke technique I read about a while back?'. Yeah. Big fail. But- I didn't feel the mani itself was a fail, so it's not a Nail Fail Friday.

floral abstract nail art
Floral one-stroke
 *click to enlarge*

Actually, this picture is true to life- my fingers are still quite tanned from the Egyptian sun.

1. So, I did this art on a 24hrs-old base (two coats) of Head Mistress.
2. Then I placed a drop of white polish on a sheet of plastic.
3. Right next to that, I placed a drop of dark blue polish.
4. I dragged my nail art brush through the middle, so either side would pick up one colour.
5. Then I gently made half circles on my nails, forming flowers. I quickly realised I was doing it wrong/it wasn't working out, but I liked the watercolour-like effect so I decided to continue.
6. I then added Miss Sporty Check Matte.
7. On top of that, I added yellow flower hearts and green leaves/stems. Which means those were shiny when the rest is matte =)
Like I said, I like how it turned out even though it wasn't what I was going for.

Since I had been experiencing some chipping before my vacation, I got Sally Hansen Hard as Nails this weekend. I'm very curious to see if it will improve my nails, as chipping is basically the only problem I have with them. Lucky me =)
I only have some major drama going on around my thumbnail right now, which is slowly healing with the help of creams, oils and overnight band aids.

I used: Essie Head Mistress, Rimmel Blue Vogue, Essence Stampy Polish White, Miss Sporty Check Matte, Cybele (green), Etos (yellow)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello there!

You know, I am a bit bummed today because I lost my Kings of Leon mug (the one in the pic at the top of this page, right hand side).
I keep (kept :'() it at work and couldn't find it when I returned from Egypt. So I asked around but of course, nobody knew anything. This morning I asked the cleaning lady if she had seen a broken mug during my holiday and sure enough, she had. I can't believe the people I work with every day would be so cowardly and not just tell me they had dropped my mug. Next time I'll just have to take my (yet to buy) mug home when I am not in the office for a few days, which feels like such a childish thing to do because I don't even mind if others use it, but well. I feel like an ass complaining to this about you but that mug was dear to me and I'd had it for ages =(

Well. Onto more cheerful things...

Being the polish addict that I am, I can not go to any store without checking if they have some polish. Even in Egypt. The first big local supermarket we went to, Spinneys, was a big disappointment, sadly. They had all kinds of polish remover (seriously, they had ten brands and about 8 scents per brand) but no polish.

A small tourist supermarket did have some polish, somewhere hidden in the very back. The brand is Cybele.
Egyptian nail polish
'Polish? Yeah, just under the plastic tigers and toothbrushes'

I decided to buy one colour to try the quality. The bottle was 80pounds which is quite a lot for a relatively small bottle, but that was to be expected from a tourist shop. Each bottle had 'Made in Egypt' printed on it which I thought was quite cool.

Cybele Egyptian nail product
No label, just print the bottle itself hehe

After we tried one colour, we went back to get more colours because I was amazed by the quality! I bought the green polish in the top rack and it needed just one coat. I used it to make Christmas trees on my mum's ring fingers and applied it to my toes as well. I received some compliments on the beach of people who said it looked rich and shiny =) And that was just one coat =)

We later went to another store just outside the tourist zone were they were only 12 pounds =( Oh well.
One colour reminded me so much of OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, I just had to get it. I will be posting a comparison soon =) 

They also had the coolest thing in the first store:

Who needs Bourjois?

Yup, it's an acetone-soaked sponge in a glass bottle. I just had to get that too =D Never mind the picture, I sent that as a text to my sister asking her if she wanted one too. It was never meant for publication ;-)

I will definitely be looking out for Cybele next time I'm in Egypt! What is your experience with 'exotic' polish brands?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas Gradient: Bloody Talons


I hope you had a great one and are not missing any fingers. I know I'm grateful the fireworks have pretty much stopped, as Ezio was one sad little kitty =( And I know the dogs back home must have been pretty scared as well.

As mentioned in the I'm BACK post, my mother asked me to do her nails a couple of times in Egypt. We had brought about 20 polishes between us plus I bought some there, so it was no problem ;-)

We started with a Christmas mani. Will post that one later. Then we did a gradient:

Bloody Festive Talons

She choose the colours herself and asked for a gradient. Sadly, as much as I loved this gradient, she didn't. She said it looked too bloody for her. Like she scratched and killed someone. I thought it wasn't all that bloody because the red was a gorgeous shimmer and it looked very festive combined with the gold.
She kept it anyway to see if it would grow on her, so kudos.

I snapped this picture on the beach, because is there any better lighting then this? <3

I used: Etos Long Lasting gold 001, Cybele 118 Fire Wave, Essence Better Than Gel Topcoat