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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

NOTD: Cambridge Terrace French

My polishes are still sitting in a box. This means I haven't had to move out yet, but it also means it hasn't been okay to unpack them. Yet.
I haven't been up to doing any nail real art yet. I have even gone bare for a few days, gasp!

Here's a quick NOTD. Nails Inc Cambridge Terrace over a coat of OPI Nail Envy (I LOVE this stuff!) and an accent of Daily Lacquer Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.  

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Day At The Fair

Indie time!

Recently I bought my first Indies. Well, actually one for me and one for my sister =) They were both Daily Lacquers. I love this brand so much, Maggy is so talented <3 And I adore all the geeky themes for her collections!

So, the other week I brought my broken netbook to work to ask a colleague if he could check it out. He did and said it was unrepairable. I have a laptop so it's not too much of a disaster but still. I did feel sad about it.
He then said he wanted to keep the netbook as a sort of mp3-player. I wasn't quite sure what to do because hey, do I just trust you and give you my netbook? Or do I not trust you and ask money for a thing that's broken?
In the end he offered me the following deal: he would give me 25,-, which I had to spend on Daily Lacquers. Now, that was indeed an offer I could not refuse =) He picked one shade, I picked the other. So, here they are, my new Daily Lacquers. Can I just say they look more rough on this pic then they do in real life? They are quite fantastic =)

I used: Daily Lacquer Fluffy Cotton Candy and Ice Cold Lemonade, Bourjois Bleu Fabuleux

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Daily Lacquer Moulin Rouge

Remember how I gave in and made an Etsy account while back? Well, here is my first Indie <3 Don't worry, I won't be posting indies all the time now ;-)

My first indie is Moulin Rouge by the talented and sweet Maggy of Daily Lacquer, with black tips (I used my striper). Maggy has a newly launched shop on her website as well. As much as I'd hate you all scooping up those polishes before I'm able to get my hands on them, she really deserves all the sales she gets.

This is two coats and a topcoat.
I used a green polish without base coat just two days before applying this, so any yellowness or discolouration is my own. The polish is flawless <3

What was your first Indie?