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Friday, 6 December 2013

Dramatic Mrs. Santa

Hi pretties!

It's december already, can you believe it?! Time for Christmas-related polishes and nail art.
Since my mother, sister and I will be back in Egypt for Christmas, I won't be doing Christmas nails on the day(s). But now! Here are the first. And YES! My brushes from BornPrettyStore finally arrived. Check my thumb to see my fist experiment using them =)

If you look closely, you will see Let It Glitter! Santa Baby is not just different sizes of red glitter, but also black hearts. I love it! This is two coats.

I used: OPI Alpine Snow, Hema red polish (no name), Essie Licorice, Let It Glitter! Santa Baby.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

NOTD: Sprinkle Drip

Another quick NOTD, pretties. I promise I will be back soon! I have a bunch of untrieds, just a lack of inspiration right now. It's so HOT out!

Here's a drip mani using Nails Inc Pudding Lane. I got this polish at BeautyBay. I love drip manis because they add instant spice to your nails without being too *IN YOUR FACE*.

I love this polish. I'm sure you'll be seeing more if it on this blog =)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Festival Nails, yup, again =)

Nobody forget that Google Reader will be no more as of later this week! How will you keep following blogs? You can follow mine through Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin.

Last week I was working at a festival in France. It meant I had to go for a mani that would last me a few days and would be funky enough for a festival. I went for black combined with a Mavala polish I got from a swap on Facebook.

Here's a quick photo I took during a short break.

I used: Essie Licorice, Mavala Sparkling Bronze 

Friday, 21 June 2013

NOTD: Rock Pink

First off, let me apologize. The next couple of posts will have dreadful pictures =( I'll just make them small ;-)

This is a hot pink mani with some added Rock&Roll. It's not what I am sporting right now, I'm slightly behind. This means there is a lot more to come =D
Click to enlarge. If you must...

As you may remember, I got Nails Inc Bling it On Rebel set during Sephora's clear out sale, so I added a leather accent nail, a stud and a crystal. This all came in the set.

For the index finger, I tried a gradient with NYC Rock Muse. Didn't really work out.

I have to say, I was amazed by the lasting power of the Nails Inc glue that came with the set. Whereas the leather polish chipped within hours, the studs lasted no less than a week! I had to incorporate them in all my manis.

I made the leather polish last longer by doing a mini sandwich (one coat leather, one coat top coat, two coats leather). So neat when little tricks like that work out!

Thank you for keeping following my blog even now there is not a lot of nail art going on. I promise that after the peak season is over, I'll get back to it! Even if it's just for me, I love doing challenges and I miss it. So don't give up on me just yet.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kings of Leon Nail Art

Hi there!

Maybe you knew from my profile pic, but I am a HUGE Kings of Leon fan. I urge every one of you to go and check out songs OTHER than Use Somebody, Sex on Fire and Notion. I call those the Hellish Trinity because those are the songs everyone knows and every cover band plays. Don't get me wrong, they are great songs but Kings of Leon have so many amazing songs. Wilder, more bad-ass, laden with raw emotion, stuff like that.
And the amazing ballad Arizona which is actually about a beautiful prostitute in a whorehouse in Arizona. I wrote that bit in white as to not offend anyone. Select it with your cursor if you are curious!

I was lucky enough to see them live two years ago, and last weekend I got to see them again <3 They are doing a European tour this summer and played a festival nearby. So of course I had to do Kings of Leon nails! I came up with the idea of using the US cover for Only By The Night quite quickly. However, after some practising I realised I was never going to do this on ten nails. So My Geek helped me with some design suggestions. This is what I ended up with =)

Kings of Leon nail art easy
Kings of Leon nail art <3

For your reference, this is the US album cover:

It's two birds of prey locked in battle. Yeah. Good luck with that. It takes a more talented nail art enthousiast to pull that off.
So I just used polish thinner to get a water colour effect, which unfortunately doesn't really come across on the photograph. Several people noticed and complimented me, though =) The golden circle thingies were like tiny discoballs on my nails <3 The sun really played with them.

Here are two pictures of the evening:

Click to enlarge. I'd like to think Jared (<3) made eye contact here ;-)
Have you ever done your nails as an ode to your favorite band/artist? I'd love to see them!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Daily Lacquer Moulin Rouge

Remember how I gave in and made an Etsy account while back? Well, here is my first Indie <3 Don't worry, I won't be posting indies all the time now ;-)

My first indie is Moulin Rouge by the talented and sweet Maggy of Daily Lacquer, with black tips (I used my striper). Maggy has a newly launched shop on her website as well. As much as I'd hate you all scooping up those polishes before I'm able to get my hands on them, she really deserves all the sales she gets.

This is two coats and a topcoat.
I used a green polish without base coat just two days before applying this, so any yellowness or discolouration is my own. The polish is flawless <3

What was your first Indie?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stolen Snowman Mani

It's been snowing like crazy these past two weeks, so finally it felt like it was time for the Snowman mani I stole from the lovely Kristine over at Pink & Polished. Her mani was the December 9th prompt for the 12 Days of Christmas challenge. I loved it so much that I have been wanting to do this ever since =) She encouraged me to do it, so, here it is, at last =D

My take on the design
The original design by Kristine

As you can see, my version is the lazy girl's take on the design ;-)

And here is a bonus picture of Ezio being all suspicious about the first snowfall of the year:

I used: L'Oréal Colour Riche 622 Sky Fits Heaven, Essie Blanc, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball, Essence Get The Fever, black sharpie, star sticker

Monday, 14 January 2013

More new polishes +glitter gradient

Honestly? My sister rocks =) Of course we don't see eye to eye all the time but hey, she gives me the polishes she no longer fancies. Ha! This weekend the score was two purples and two glitters. YES!
I used the glitters for this:
Seriously, this is so amazing, I can't stop staring at it. It frustrates me to no end that it doesn't photograph at all.
It's two coats of L'Oréal Sky Fits Heaven, two coats of Max Faxtor Fantasy Fire and a gradient of the two Etos glitter polishes. There is just so much going on on this nail <3 

Top: Oh my Glitter! Bottom: Elves Like Lilac
The purples were both Essence polishes. One was from the Fantasia LE, don't you just love when someone gives you retired polishes? On top of that, it is named Elves Like Lilac, I love funky names like that.
As you can see, even though they are both lavender-y, Oh my Glitter! has a pink shimmer whereas Elves Like Lilac has a blue shimmer. Will try to do a comparison post soon.

Also, it has come to the point where I had to buy a new Ribba (seen in My Stash). I now have four 55cm Ribba's plus one spare. This means I have to organize my polishes all over again. Oh, listen to me, pretending this will be such a tedious task! I will probably love every second of it.
I made myself promise I would count them (and quickly chucked a gooey top coat, you never know, it could have been the straw that broke the camel's back), so, yikes.
Look for new stash pictures somewhere next week =)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Nail Fail Friday!

Hi everyone! How are your New Year's resolutions? ;-)

When I was browsing my photo's the other day, I noticed how many pics of nails fails I have. I try to take pics of ugly nails just to remind myself to never do this again! Or sometimes I just can't for the life of me get a proper picture of a mani. So, I decided it was time to start a new category: Nail Fail Friday! It won't be a weekly thing (I hope o.O) but every now and then.
Before boasting this as my new invention, I decided to Google it and found Reach For The Polish has a similar category, so sadly I can't say this is a unique thing. But hey, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway =)

First up: purple rhinestone fail. This was a mani that just failed all around. There was massive yellow staining on my pinky and I don't remember why, or why the hell I decided not to cover this up. The rhinestones were just too large to only cover half of the nail and I didn't have enough to cover the entire nail. The ring finger had glitters, which is just too much next to the rhinestones.
Also, pointer finger had a lavender flower on it that fell off before I could take a picture but still managed to leave a mark on the nail.

Looking back, if I'd do this again, I would have purple nails, no glitter, and just cover one accent finger in rhinestones. So, I learned from the fail, yay!    

Purple Nail Fail-ness

So, what do you think? Small Nail Fail or Big Nail Fail? Don't worry, I can take it ;-) Needless to, I removed this the same evening.

Because of Nail Fail Fridays, I have decided to change posting days. From now on I will post Tuesdays and Fridays =)

Friday, 14 December 2012

NOTD: Glitter Gradient

Quick NOTD. A glitter gradient, because those always work <3 

The base is actually a grape purple, unfortunately between packing and getting as many last minute snuggles with the cat as possible I couldn't take proper photographs.

Tomorrow we're off, so I have some posts scheduled. I hope it will all work, fingers crossed. I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself visiting the internet cafe once or twice anyway.

I used: Essence Thelma, Essence Troy, Essence Louise

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sinterklaas/Santa Clause

Yay, you guys! It's almost Sinterklaas! I'm so excited that I did a cool Sinterklaas-mani.

Santa Clause nail art
Isn't he a cutie? And it was so much easier than I expected.

Response from the people around me has been so great that I might just use this design around Christmas, I'll just change the hat to make him more Santa =)

There was a 2,- discount on Rimmel polishes so I bought Ruby Crush from the Precious Stones collection. I had spotted it before, but I'm still trying to not buy each and every single polish I set my eyes on. But hey, when there's a discount, it would be a shame to miss out, right? ;-)

I like this polish. The bottle boasts 'High coverage glitter nail polish' (in ALL CAPS because apparently, that's the Rimmel way to communicate) that looks best when applied in two coats. I used three just to be sure. But how cool is a glitter polish that is opaque in just three thin coats?!

I used: Rimmel 002 Ruby Crush, Essence Stampy Polish white, Hema 01 pink (no name), L'Oréal Colour Riche 611 Sky Fits Heaven, Essence A Piece of Forever, L'Oréal Colour Riche 401 Rouge Pin Up, sharpie pen (for pupils)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Warrior Princess

Hello again! 

So, I'm back from my holiday, it was a great week. I sorely missed my polishes though :-( I'd taken only a handful of them + my favourite topcoat but I missed browsing my stash and sitting down to paint, or being able to translate any kind of inspiration into nail art immediately. Anyhow, I'm back now!

On to todays mani:

Yes, please do click to enlarge =)
I have no idea what made me name this Warrior Princess. Maybe because I feel quite cool and tough with this on my nails?

Anyhow. We came back from France Saturday night. I treated my nails with some TLC (being Essence nail oil, drug store hand cream and KOH calcium base coat). I had had some bad news Friday night so I cut my nails short and removed my polish (does anyone else do that? I feel bad and first thing I do is cut and clean my nails), discovering a nasty reddish discolouration. This was a first for me from an Essie polish :-( So this made me decide to wait 48 hours before applying new polish. Naturally I never made the 48 hours. After 42, I applied Essence Peel Off base coat. Review is coming later this week aka as soon as I remove this mani to show you some pics of the results!

So when Sunday evening arrived, I got up to grab Essence Iced Latte. But it was gone! I moaned and whimpered at my Geek for a few minutes until deciding to go ahead and use Rimmel Bare Necessities instead. Of course, he would tell me it's virtually the same but we all know it's not even close ;-) In fact- here's a picture of my two favourite nudes (ha!):

Iced Latte and Bare Necessities in the shade
Iced Latte Swatch here

I wanted to combine nudes and metallics. I grabbed Dive Bar and went for a thin French manicure style. That sort of bored me... So I added some spice by adding the vertical line. That was such an improvement! However, I still felt it wasn't finished. So I grabbed Mrs and Mr Glitter and my dotting tool and added three specks (one of each colour in Mrs and Mr Glitter) on each nail. I added Essence Quick Dry topcoat instead of Gel Look because... I haven't found my nail travel bag yet! We've been unpacking and doing laundry and honestly we didn't pack much, so I'm afraid it's somewhere in the car :-(
Mrs and Mr Glitter
I had to wait until morning to take the pictures but I spent a good part of the evening staring at my nails adoringly ;-)
When I photographed them this morning, they actually reminded me of The Whale Tail by The Nailasaurus. This was not intentional, but I suppose having seen this mani before, it's very well possible it was stored somewhere in my subconscious. Either way, I'm all for linking to great mani's by great artists so go and check it out!

And this morning, I found Iced Latte! It had been in its usual spot all along! *facepalm*

Can you tell I missed blogging? Ha!

I used: Essence Peel Off basecoat (review coming later this week), Rimmel Bare Necessities, Essie Dive Bar, Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter, Essence Quick Dry topcoat

Friday, 17 August 2012

GA Suze: Summer in my Backyard

Another mani by Suze. She is spending summer in her garden, swimming with my b-i-l and nephew. Inspired by the lovely colours and the sunshine, she made this bright mani.

No, the beads were not coloured with the polish ;-)
I used these colours

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Copper Latte

Woops, one day late! We had friends over for dinner last night, sorry :-)

This mani was real pretty- for the 2 minutes it was on my nails. I had spent a day preparing it but then came across O.P.I Outrageous Neons, so... I didn't quite finish Copper Latte as in cuticle clean-up etcetera, too eager to start with the neons!    

I <3 matte + glitter combis

I used: Essence Iced Latte, Essence Matt top coat, Essence Copper'ize Me

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mum's Mani

Last Saturday was a momentous day. I live a 2 hrs drive from my family, so I don't see them as often as I'd like. Last Saturday I went to spend the evening with my mum and sleep in my 'old' room. She was going to an event the next day and suddenly came out with 'you can do my nails if you want to'. Needless to say I was de-ligh-ted! =D

She's a real 'red is for toenails, toenails are for red' and 'I need a new shade of mother of pearl' kind of lady. But I was in for a surprise. A nearby nationwide drugstore (the one that sells the black polish I use) has been giving away small bottles of nailpolish with every purchase over a certain amount. They have a choice of eight funky colours so I had her choose between 'safely bold' or 'boldly bold' and she chose the latter!

These are the colours:

Etos give-away colours
And the awesome thing is, they let you choose!

Seeing as my mum is no spring chicken, I decided that there are limits to bold. I chose two colours and stuck with them, adding just a string of stamped flowers and a touch of glitter:

Mum mani

My mum is even less patient than I am. This mani really tested her patience as the freebies needed three layers to be opaque.
So after that, she really didn't want the fuss of cleaning up her cuticles and all. But I'm sure you'll forgive her. Just this once ;-) Can't wait to do her nails again!

I used: Etos freebies, Essence Glitter twin '' Edward'', Essence stamping plate

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Festival nails: Copper Glitter Gradient

A few days delayed but here they are- my festival nails! With my Queen B ;-)

Yay for glitter!

The picture really doesn't do it justice.
I was a bit unsure at first because I felt the copper tint made my nails look sickly. However, I got used to it quickly =)

Copper'ize me is just the prettiest. It's a mainly copper glitter with specks of yellow, white, magenta, red, blue and green. Here's a close up so you can see all the different colours of glitter that are in there:
How many colours can you find?

I used: Essence Copper'ize me, NYC In a New York Minute top coat

Friday, 15 June 2012

Black & Gold: Glitter

In a sequel to Black & Gold mani: I present to you Black & Gold: Glitter!

Ooooh, shiny!
I was trying my newly acquired O.P.I Spider-Man polishes and I was really impressed with the Number One Nemesis. It has a green undertone which you wouldn't think from seeing it in the bottle! I must do a swatch some time. I kept that on for about... 24 hours before I started doodling again and this was the result!

I actually took several pictures but the light was terrible (did we just skip summer?). So I'm only posting this one, as it shows how cool and flaky Essence Make it Golden is.

I used: O.P.I Number One Nemesis, drug store brand black, Essence Make it Golden, no topcoat.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

EURO 2012 Nails

So EURO 2012 is in full swing and boy is this an exciting tournament! I love football so I'm watching quite a few games. We actually have an office pool so it's a load of fun!

I started the tournament with an orange mani, inspired by the Dutch team. This is their jersey and a very angry looking Rafael van der Vaart.


If you ask me, orange isn't the easiest colour. I find it can look tacky, especially if you have longer nails. But who cares, it's EURO 2012! I even decided to spice things up by adding a little glitter gradient. I love this orange colour (Watch out! by Essence) because it has a gold shimmer. I would have to say the flash picture is more true to life than the daylight picture.

Daylight picture

Flash picture

Funny how my fingers look slimmer and longer in the flash picture! My nails have been growing like crazy lately, lucky me :-)

I used: Essence Watch Out!, Essence Copper'ize me!, NYC In a New York Minute top coat, nail art rhine stones

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Black & Gold

*bursts into song*

Not a glitter gradient but still cool, right?
The combination of gold and black always makes me feel instantly festive. It's not a combination I typically wear from May to August but sometimes even I stray :-)

Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as I expected to give it an 'even' feel, I would have liked all nails to look like the thumb nail. But well. I always say "I'll do better next time" but funnily enough I hardly ever repeat a mani, not when there's so many cool things still to do!

And if you haven't got a clue why I burst into song everytime I see this mani (or if you just feel like dancing) here is the vid (by Sam Sparrow).

I used: Drug store brand black polish, Essence Make it Golden, Essence Quick Dry Topcoat

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Golden Spirits

Khaki meets glitter, yay!
One easy way to make your nails more interesting (for example if your job doesn't allow you to wear more outragous designs) is to use an accent nail. You can use a colour that is quite similar to the other digits, or something completely different!

For example, I love khaki and I love glitter. But as glitter can be such a pain to remove, I decided to just make it an accent nail. Essence Make it Golden is a really cool, flaky glitter. Try it if you find it somewhere!

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day and I didn't think to take a flash picture. I swear it looked pretty awesome!

I used: Essence High Spirits, Essence Make it Golden (three layers)