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Friday, 15 November 2013

Misunderstood Nail Girl

Every now and then people say the weirdest things to me. So much so, that I figured I would make a post about these quotes! I can't wait to hear if any of these have ever been said to you, or if you have other weird quotes.

'I couldn't possibly buy that polish you recommended me- I already have twenty polishes!'

'So... Holographic is basically just glitter?'
OMG I freaked over this one.
  1. There is no such thing as JUST glitter!
  2. It's not glitter, it's HOLO!
'Is this polish I am wearing orange? My mum says it's orange.'
It wasn't orange. It was a perfect salmon. OPI Hot & Spicy.

And of course the much heard 'Don't you already own a pink/purple/red/etc polish?'
Plus the related "I see you are out of storage room. I suppose you're done now?"

Now, for some Nail Polish memes! I found the first two over at NailsLikeLace, so go and check out the other memes there.

This one was sent in for a giveaway over at The Polish Addict. As a Trekkie, I love this even more :D
Seriously, get a thinner! I love the one by OPI.

This I found over at YouGotNailz. My younger sister and I know this entire movie by heart so I sing this meme, rather than read it =D

And this one, over at WOW Polish. Heehee.

I also just had to make one myself. Wonder if any of you can relate? ;-)

My Lacquer Family posted this gem just today:
Great. Now I'll have that song stuck in my head for the next couple of days.

What is your favourite nail polish meme? Or what is the weirdest thing someone ever said to you about nail polish? Let me know!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Pink & Polished Birthday Multi Blogger GIVEAWAY!

YES! It's finally here! A GIVEAWAY! And not just any giveaway, a multi blogger giveaway!

This is so exciting, I can't begin to tell you! I had been planning to doing a giveaway but never really felt I had enough followers to do it. So when I spotted the message from the lovely Kristine over at Pink & Polished if anyone was interested in joining her Birthday Giveaway, I jumped at the chance.

If you're not familiar with Pink & Polished (though I'm guessing you are), it has become one of my three favourite blogs. She quickly replaced The Nailasaurus. Why? I still love Sammy's designs, but feel like she's stuck at a certain level (although a level I can only dream off). Kristine is growing and growing and I envy her skills greatly. And that's not all, she's also one of the sweetest bloggers out there =) I mean hello, have you seen this giveaway?

Anyway, on to The Giveaway! *angels sing etc*
Here is what I am giving to one lucky winner:

-Herôme "Amsterdam" (thought it fitting as I am shipping from Amsterdam!)
-Hema teal shimmer polish
Darling Diva in "Shameena" and "Ermehgerd"
-2 surprise Applepiepieces accessories
-Handmade Ring and Pendant by *me*

But WAIT! There is so much more! Check out all the other prizes from all the other bloggers who are participating. It's enough to get you salivating, I promise. 

Pink & Polished
(who is organising this polish fest)
-6-piece China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces collection
-OPI Euro Central 4-piece mini set
-2 Layla holographic polishes in Ocean Rush and Coral Glam
-4 'caviar bead' set (red, blue, lavender, gold)
-2 tubes of small hex glitter (pink, teal)
-4 mini flocking powder pots (blue, lavender, white, pink)
-6 pots of medium hex glitter (orange, purple, pink, silver holo, blue, yellow)
-penguin files
-2 piece striping tape
-KleanColor Holo Chrome (scatter holo)
-Wet N' Wild On A Trip (creme)
-Sinful Colors Queen of Deco (glitter)
-Booty Babe Skinny Dip (topper)
-KleanColor Madly Matte (matte top coat)
-Essence It's Purplicious (glitter)
-KleanColor Pastel Pink (creme)
-Ruby Kisses Purple Fever (shimmer)
-Essence Nail Art Designer Set (striper brush & 3 gradient sponges)
-Shany mini glass file
-Cassie Cosmetics bag

-12 nail foils (in makeup bag)
-Julep Freedom Top Coat
-2 Salon Effects
-1 Kiss Nail Dress
-5 Misc Polishes

-4 Wet n Wild Megalast Polishes in fall colors (purple, nude, red, darker red)

-Winner's Choice: Two Full Sized Bottles from new All Holo's Eve collection

-3 New Fall Polishes (handmade) in Golden Fall, Hocus Pocus, Frankie

-$25 Gift Certificate to Ninja Polish

-5 Spoiled Polishes 
-Wet n' Wild in Bijou Blue
-SinfulShine in Slick
-OPI Liquid Sand in Tiffany Case

-Two Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers in Deepest Inquisitions and Watch the Walls
-Candy and fun extras!

And some wonderful ladies have come together to offer a "mystery amount" E-Gift Card to your retailer of choice! Here are the lovely ladies!
-Sassy Shelly
-Polish Obsession
-Plump and Polished
-Midnight Manicures
-Ashley is PolishAddicted
-Lydias Nails

And the best part? Thanks to the wonderful ladies that contributed to the gift card, this giveaway is open internationally!!!! The e-gift card and the $25 gift card to Ninja Polish are both international options! Thanks so much ladies!
Now to the most important part! There are 17 mandatory entries to unlock all of the rest of the entries so make sure you do them for a better chance! Tweeting, Posting on Facebook, and posting on Instagram can be done daily. Giveaway will run until October 27th!
So what are you waiting for? Enter! Enter!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Facebook! Tumblr!

Did you know... I have a Facebook page? Zero likes so far, so start liking! Also, if you have your own nail art to share, please do!

Did you know... I also have a tumblr? Like my Facebook, it is a work in progress. But start liking, start sharing, let's make this another fun place to find nail art inspiration for the busy, clumsy, or just lazy.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Photobombing Cats

Friday the 13th today, OH NOES. Friday the 13th means (black) cats. So let's talk about cats.

Nobody ever warned me how much of an influence having a cat would have on my blog. Not just because of the cat mani's (here and here) and the cat hairs that magically appear on my tacky polish and ruin the entire mani, but also THE PHOTOBOMBING.

So far, I've showed you these gems:

And here is the latest one.
And if you're wondering: yes, this set will be making an appearance on this blog soon ;-)

Ezio is so interested in my polishes, my Geek once said I should consider using him as a photo prop rather than Queen Bee. I tried this once, just for fun =) He was a real trooper!
To think the poor thing was pretty scared of my fingers as a kitten whenever I wore white polish!

Now, don't go feeling sorry for him. Obviously, I am not holding onto him tightly. Hello, he's a cat. Cats don't put up with nonsense. Let alone one named after an Assassin.
Oh, and the polishes are one coat of a nameless Daily Lacquer (it was a gift) over Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

NOTD: Geometric Black & White

My lovely readers,

As you can see, I'm still not quite up to posting regularly. I am doing my nails more often now though, so I thought I'd just post those for inspiration and not talk too much. Keep it simple! =) So you will be seeing more posts, yay!

I just *had* to add this picture because STORKS! BLACK AND WHITE!

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Weakest Link, erm, nail.

Do you have a nail that's weaker than the others? How do you work around that?

I have one nail that always breaks. Always. Since I've been using OPI Nail Envy for some time now, my nails have improved immensely. They are strong, the tips are close to white and they don't tear or chip anymore.

Except for this one nail. I don't even understand, because it's on my left hand! So not my dominant hand.
It's always the same 'corner' that chips, too. As soon as it has grown back to some length, it just gives up! I'm always trying to hide this in my pictures, did anyone notice? =)

My ripped nail, ouch.
My nail looks a bit dirty in the picture as there is still some adhesive from the band aid on it. Sorry!

I am at a loss at what to do about this. So far, Nail Envy is the only product that has improved my nails significantly so what more can I do?

If any of you have any suggestion, let me know!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Designing and concepts

Pretties, I was wondering. Do you any of you ever do any sketching before you do your nail art? I have been looking for an app where I can quickly doodle a design as soon as inspiration hits me. Which is often on the train, where a sketch book or something is not really an option.
I have this silly app now. It makes you clip and buff your nails and dry them under a uv light after applying polish, sigh, and doesn't have any studs but it does help me 'save' my inspiration for a later time. I have added an example to this post (a mani you will hopefully see on this blog sometime next week!).
Are you a sketcher? Any suggestion for apps?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Yay Pinterest!

Woops, it's been a week! Sorry! Peak season has arrived in all its glory (puh!) and I'm just exhausted when I get home. I have two hours at home before I go to bed so I really prefer to spend them with My Geek rather than typing away at my laptop. Priorities, priorities. Also, I am not sure if I will manage to post a mani today. Sorry =(

I have a tiny bit of news today though: I have made a Pinterest board =) So, if you're on Pinterest, find my FabbyNailedIt board here. I will also be making a board with my favourite nails as I sometimes would love to show them to you all =)

Are you on Pinterest? I would love to see your Pins!


Monday, 8 April 2013

Not Polish Related: Cats & Balconies

Please forgive me for posting something NPR. It's about cats though, to the interwebs that's practivally the same. Right? I mean - we have Beauty Cat and Sophisticated Cat both talking about nail polish.

Anyway. This weekend was the first where we wanted to open our balcony door. Well, the first since we've had Ezio.
Ezio is an indoors-cat. We do want him to enjoy the lovely weather as much as we do, however, we want to keep him safe at the same time. Over time, we hope to be able to teach him to enjoy the balcony but stay off the railings.
The cats on the next balcony are often outside so really I'd like to ask our neighbours how they did it, but I would feel like a weirdo ringing their bell to ask them about their cats!

So, for now we have a temporary solution. We've put a hook in the door post and attached a cat leash to it, then opened the door. Actually, I am not sure if it is called a leash. But harness sounds so cruel!
Overall he's just fine with the leash, he'll play wearing it but sometimes he likes to be a little drama queen and go all crocodile-death-roll on us.

Leaving the door open while he was on the leash seemed a bit bewildering to him. So, we moved his favourite chill-out spot to the door opening.
This is a cat hammock that he never cared for until we put it over the back of a chair. Like this -------->

We have since put weights on the chair to balance it and keep Ezio safe.
So, last weekend we moved the chair to the open door and put Ezio on his leash. That way, he could watch, hear and smell everything from the comfort of his favourite spot. I believe it was an all-round win! Here he is, in total awe. Safely indoors with his people, but fooling himself that he's actually a brave outdoors-kitty.

Of course, one of us stayed within viewing range at all times. I still hope we can find a way to train him (ha! I just said 'train' about a cat!) to stay on the balcony without the leash. If anyone has any tips, they would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Lemony Flutter

Look what I received in my Glossybox this month! A 10g tin of Lemony Flutter =) I'm so happy to have it in a size I can always take with me now =D

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

NPR - Ombre hair

Something not polish related today. I hope you don't mind. If you do, just skip this post, I promise I won't make a habit of it. Just a bit of randomness today =)

My hair is a colour we call 'salt and pepper' at home. Actually, I had a conversation like this a couple of years back:

Male friend: 'What is actually your natural hair colour?'
Me: 'See that colour here, at the roots?'
Male friend: 'That greyish colour?'
Me: *evil stare* 'Yes.' 

So I have been colouring my hair ever since I was 13, I think. I have had every red and a lot of purples, even black and blue. In recent years, I am more drawn to browns and subtle reds, however. My hair has a lot of 'warmth' as the hair dresser so fancily calls it, so any red becomes ten times more so once applied to my hair. So I tend top stay away from them now.
In the sun, my hair goes very light. So in winter I have dark brown hair and in summer blond.
However, last time I was at the hairdresser she asked me if I had had my hair done recently. I was confused and said no, when she added 'ombres are very *now*'. So that got me thinking. I know a lot of people seem to be 'over' ombre hair, but me? Just like for nails, I love myself a gradient! =D

So I went and got this set:

This worked like a charm. It comes with a fantastic brush- it's all very easy. The result was very good. No one even noticed it! In the pictures below though you can really see the difference between top of my head and the ends!
Ombre hair
After taking these pics, I have added some lowlights so there's more of a contrast. The contrast is not quite like on the box though. I expected to love this and not worry about touching up the roots, but I'm still quite fussed about them. The look is not as hassle-free and low-maintenance as I expected ;-)
Will keep it for now though!

Have you ever done ombre hair? Or is ombre just a look meant for your nails?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fun tv commercial


No nails today. This commercial has been running for a few weeks now, and it makes me chuckle every single time I see it. Sure, it's a bit far-fetched (I would never allow my staff to eat around customers) but it's still fun.


Monday, 14 January 2013

More new polishes +glitter gradient

Honestly? My sister rocks =) Of course we don't see eye to eye all the time but hey, she gives me the polishes she no longer fancies. Ha! This weekend the score was two purples and two glitters. YES!
I used the glitters for this:
Seriously, this is so amazing, I can't stop staring at it. It frustrates me to no end that it doesn't photograph at all.
It's two coats of L'Oréal Sky Fits Heaven, two coats of Max Faxtor Fantasy Fire and a gradient of the two Etos glitter polishes. There is just so much going on on this nail <3 

Top: Oh my Glitter! Bottom: Elves Like Lilac
The purples were both Essence polishes. One was from the Fantasia LE, don't you just love when someone gives you retired polishes? On top of that, it is named Elves Like Lilac, I love funky names like that.
As you can see, even though they are both lavender-y, Oh my Glitter! has a pink shimmer whereas Elves Like Lilac has a blue shimmer. Will try to do a comparison post soon.

Also, it has come to the point where I had to buy a new Ribba (seen in My Stash). I now have four 55cm Ribba's plus one spare. This means I have to organize my polishes all over again. Oh, listen to me, pretending this will be such a tedious task! I will probably love every second of it.
I made myself promise I would count them (and quickly chucked a gooey top coat, you never know, it could have been the straw that broke the camel's back), so, yikes.
Look for new stash pictures somewhere next week =)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The virus is spreading...


If you're thinking 'wow, your hand looks different today, and where is Queen Bee?', well, that is because this is not my hand ;-)

My Geek sent this picture to me when he was visiting his sister and her family. This is his niece, look at her, such a little pro at four years old!
They have actually asked me to come to her birthday party and do the nails of all those little kids, so I'll probably be stocking up on waterbased polishes...

I love how more and more people around me are getting into polish, and I love being able to share something with kids in my family, as I can still remember how much (or little...) the adults around me shared things/hobbies with me. They are fond memories, to this day =)

Also, you may have noticed I am posting not just Tuesdays and Fridays now. I try to reserve Tuesdays and Fridays for nail art and post other stuff on other days =) Hope you don't mind.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New polishes

My boss gave me a webshop gift card for Christmas, so I went I ordered myself (a cookbook and) some polishes the other day. They arrived at the office today, yay!

L-R=> Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Herome W.I.C Cairo, Herome W.I.C. Perm, Herome I am sweet (waterbased) and two stripers =)

Can't wait to get home and try all these!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's all in the family


I just quickly had to share this picture. I have mentioned before how much my nephew loves doing our nails. Just the other day my sister GA Suze sent me this picture of my nephew doing the nails of a girl that was visiting! So cute!
Sorry, I had to quickly Paint Belle into the picture as I don't know how she feels about having her picture posted here.

I'm such a proud auntie!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello there!

You know, I am a bit bummed today because I lost my Kings of Leon mug (the one in the pic at the top of this page, right hand side).
I keep (kept :'() it at work and couldn't find it when I returned from Egypt. So I asked around but of course, nobody knew anything. This morning I asked the cleaning lady if she had seen a broken mug during my holiday and sure enough, she had. I can't believe the people I work with every day would be so cowardly and not just tell me they had dropped my mug. Next time I'll just have to take my (yet to buy) mug home when I am not in the office for a few days, which feels like such a childish thing to do because I don't even mind if others use it, but well. I feel like an ass complaining to this about you but that mug was dear to me and I'd had it for ages =(

Well. Onto more cheerful things...

Being the polish addict that I am, I can not go to any store without checking if they have some polish. Even in Egypt. The first big local supermarket we went to, Spinneys, was a big disappointment, sadly. They had all kinds of polish remover (seriously, they had ten brands and about 8 scents per brand) but no polish.

A small tourist supermarket did have some polish, somewhere hidden in the very back. The brand is Cybele.
Egyptian nail polish
'Polish? Yeah, just under the plastic tigers and toothbrushes'

I decided to buy one colour to try the quality. The bottle was 80pounds which is quite a lot for a relatively small bottle, but that was to be expected from a tourist shop. Each bottle had 'Made in Egypt' printed on it which I thought was quite cool.

Cybele Egyptian nail product
No label, just print the bottle itself hehe

After we tried one colour, we went back to get more colours because I was amazed by the quality! I bought the green polish in the top rack and it needed just one coat. I used it to make Christmas trees on my mum's ring fingers and applied it to my toes as well. I received some compliments on the beach of people who said it looked rich and shiny =) And that was just one coat =)

We later went to another store just outside the tourist zone were they were only 12 pounds =( Oh well.
One colour reminded me so much of OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, I just had to get it. I will be posting a comparison soon =) 

They also had the coolest thing in the first store:

Who needs Bourjois?

Yup, it's an acetone-soaked sponge in a glass bottle. I just had to get that too =D Never mind the picture, I sent that as a text to my sister asking her if she wanted one too. It was never meant for publication ;-)

I will definitely be looking out for Cybele next time I'm in Egypt! What is your experience with 'exotic' polish brands?

Monday, 31 December 2012


Yay! Have you missed me? I missed blogging and interacting with fellow nail art lovers! Happy to be back posting on the last day of 2012 =)

I hope everybody had a great Christmas (or any other holiday, if you don't celebrate Christmas =)) I am sure a lot of mail-related gifts were exchanged ;-)

Me, I got two Essies which I will swatch soon altough they are from a previous collection.
I got my younger sister a drop of The Man with The Golden Gun, which I put into an empty clear mini polish bottle that took ages to get completely clean. I'm not sure if she loved it, but I'm sure she liked it.

The vacation was great. As always =) The only drama was that my Kindle broke the very first day! I'm heartbroken. Really. It worked on the plane, it worked in the room, and when I woke it from standby on the beach, the top half remained frozen and only the bottom part woke =(

Please ignore my book collection...
I've had it since November 22, 2009 so I can't really complain but I'm just so sad =( Plus it happening on the first day was a real bummer. I love nothing more than reading on the beach. My Geek said he'd get me a new one for Christmas, so I'm checking which Kindle would be a good replacement. I'm thinking either Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite 3G.

I decided very last minute to keep my finger nails bare for the entire two weeks. I had been suffering some breaking and chipping so I thought I'd give my nails some time to recuperate. And it more than paid off when a lady on the beach said 'my favourite nail style is what you have, Fench manicure' and was blown away when I told her my nails were 'au natural' =D

I did do my mother's nails a couple of times so I will post those. Rather than doing one massive post, I'll be splitting my holiday-things into a couple of smaller (uh-huh) posts. My big discovery was an Egyptian polish brand named Cybele, so I will be writing about that soon!

To end this post, do any of you ever check your stats? I was just now checking them and came across this gem:
Gotta love Google Analytics
I'm just thinking of reasons a person would have to Google 'lazy Disney characters' and then click on my link! It's hilarious.

Anyway. That's it for this year folks! Hope to see you all in 2013. Have a fantastic NYE, whatever you're doing =)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Holiday coming up

Hi friends,

December 15th my mum and I are leaving for our beloved Egypt. We'll be back home the 30th, and I'll be at work the 31st, yikes.
But not to worry, I won't leave you without some scheduled posts =)

Right now I have one nail art post scheduled, I'm doing a swatch post and I'm waiting for a guest post from Suze. Don't worry, I'm not picking up swatching as a thing. I am always turned off when blogs I started following for the nail art start posting more and more swatches =( It's just some polishes I would like to show you =) Also, I will have purchased each swatched polish with my own money =)

I hope you won't mind and I look forward to doing some new manis in the new year! Also, my mum has already made me promise I will do her nails 'more than once' in Egypt so I hope to be able to take some pics and post them when we get back.

Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow from some brand new nail art =)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My new nail workspace

Happy Election Day everyone in the US!

Maybe the 'workspace' in the blogtitle sounds a bit... Pretentious.
But anyhow, my Geek and his brother were helping their parents around the house over the weekend. He came home at night with this:

I prefer to do my nails in front of the television. Between me working in another city, him being in two bands and the occasional meeting with friends, we hardly have any time together so I really don't want to go into another room to do my nails when we're both home. However, the table in front of the sofa is too low so my back is not happy with this. I thought Friday that maybe getting a laptop lap-table thingy would be a good idea, and that I should look into it.

But then without me even so much as mentioning it (or maybe in my sleep?) my Geek comes home with this beauty. It even has a light! And a little cup holder or as I call it, polish holder =)
Now I can just throw my legs over his lap, sit back and still do my nails, with proper lighting and not worrying about the cat (or me) knocking over the polish. And he can just watch annoying shows like Family Guy or whatever.

So here's a pic of me using the table for applying my basecoat. Yeah!

A light AND a polish holder!
I can't wait to properly try it tonight for the Dot manicure. I'll let you guys know if it's a succes! I got mine because GeekDad was throwing it out, but I've checked online and they seem to be not too expensive. Of course, should they be of no use, every penny spent is one too many so I can't wait to find out.