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Friday, 3 May 2013

Nail Fail Friday: Winnie the Pooh

Pretties, it's time for another Nail Fail Friday!

This time it's a Winnie the Pooh fail.
We went to Disney a while ago and of course I had to do my nails =D I checked online for some designs. This design is based on this mani by Polish Art Addiction. Yeah, I didn't do too good a job! As per usual, the problem was my lack of patience. And also time, because I did this in bed just before going to sleep. Come to think of it, these actually turned out quite well considering the circumstances!

I wasn't too pleased, but did some clean up in the car to Disney and rocked these nails anyway =)
The blue is Essie Bikini so Teeny.

Winnie the Pooh mani fail =(
I hope you enjoyed this Fail =)

Friday, 18 January 2013

NFF: Pink Nothingness

Did you enjoy last Nail Fail Friday? Well, here's another one! Nothing too hideous, but a big Fail nonetheless.
The plan was a subtle yet glittery twist on the ever so popular french manicure. It didn't work out that way.

Remember- nobody is perfect. Learn from your mistakes, there is no shame in them. =)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Nail Fail Friday!

Hi everyone! How are your New Year's resolutions? ;-)

When I was browsing my photo's the other day, I noticed how many pics of nails fails I have. I try to take pics of ugly nails just to remind myself to never do this again! Or sometimes I just can't for the life of me get a proper picture of a mani. So, I decided it was time to start a new category: Nail Fail Friday! It won't be a weekly thing (I hope o.O) but every now and then.
Before boasting this as my new invention, I decided to Google it and found Reach For The Polish has a similar category, so sadly I can't say this is a unique thing. But hey, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway =)

First up: purple rhinestone fail. This was a mani that just failed all around. There was massive yellow staining on my pinky and I don't remember why, or why the hell I decided not to cover this up. The rhinestones were just too large to only cover half of the nail and I didn't have enough to cover the entire nail. The ring finger had glitters, which is just too much next to the rhinestones.
Also, pointer finger had a lavender flower on it that fell off before I could take a picture but still managed to leave a mark on the nail.

Looking back, if I'd do this again, I would have purple nails, no glitter, and just cover one accent finger in rhinestones. So, I learned from the fail, yay!    

Purple Nail Fail-ness

So, what do you think? Small Nail Fail or Big Nail Fail? Don't worry, I can take it ;-) Needless to, I removed this the same evening.

Because of Nail Fail Fridays, I have decided to change posting days. From now on I will post Tuesdays and Fridays =)