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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Euro Indies: Let It Glitter


today I have something for you that I personally find very exciting. It will be a lengthy, picture heavy post so I've added a break.
By now everyone is familiar with indie polishes and can name two or three brands. Relatively harder to find though, are European indie polishes. I think this is partly because it's just so friggin' hard to get a good suspension base here. Most companies are hesitant to risk shipping them due to shippers' policies.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to discover a Dutch indie brand! Guys, let me introduce you to Let It Glitter.

And really, the name says it all. If it's not glitter, this girl isn't making and selling it. I decided on half of the Christmas collection. The Christmas collection is divided in two sets (clever!), being 'Winter' and 'Wonderland'. I got 'Winter', and today I'm showing you the polish that made my mind up <3
The polishes arrived quickly and there was a personal note attached. I just love that <3

First, this is 'Winter':

Let It Snow, Christmas Eve, Jingle Bells, Santa Baby and Gingerbread Man (Etsy/letitglitter)

Doesn't Suzanne take the prettiest pics of her polishes?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mini Review: Darling Diva G-Spot

Oh lord. This is going to get me some strange hits through Google...

Anyway. As you may have guessed from 'my' prize in the Pink & Polished giveaway, I love Darling Diva polishes. I think they are fantastic quality and don't look like your average indie. I know, that sounds dumb, there is no 'average indie', but it's just how I feel. Hard to explain.

Some time ago I found this little gem, G-Spot. I just had to have it! I love a naughty polish name and it looked amazing. I ordered it and when it arrived, it was everything I expected and more <3 So vibrant!

For your reference, this was the picture on Etsy.

Below pictures are four thin coats. I don't mind this as much as I do with other polishes, because it means it's easy to get the glitters and stuff where you want them. No fishing required.

Indie polish purple red large glitters
Any lumpiness is optical illusion or the shape of my nails. The polish is perfect.
Indie Darling Diva purple red glitter
Look at that pretty bottle <3

I know, it doesn't need any spicing up, but the Halloween-lover in me is already moving towards some 'darker' mani's. This is a gradient with l'Oréal Scarlet Vamp.

If you want to check out Darling Diva, you might find this helpful:

Friday, 20 September 2013

Feathers are ALL the rage.

Hi pretties =)

The other week a local drugstore announced they would be stocking InVogue polishes. This is a new brand for me so I tracked it down. When I found the display one night at central station (SO dangerous!), I noticed the feather polishes immediately. I had been looking at these but from Nails Inc. So I picked up a black concrete finish and 'On the money', a clear polish with yellow and blue bars.

I was really miffed when I wanted to open the bottle. Because this:

I can't be sure if it's a brand thing or a store thing, but I know this store doesn't even tape their Essies this way. And those cost twice as much.

When I tried to remove the tag and tape, the result was this: 
Yes. The black had not only come off the label, but also the cap itself.

The black one looked like this:

Not a good start!

But. Onto the polish itself. As I mentioned, it's very similar to Nails Inc Brighton. I will not be getting both polishes since they are clearly too similar for my liking, so I can't be doing a side by side comparison. But I think the following photo's will be informative enough. Click to enlarge!

InVogue On The Money:

Nails Inc Brighton:
Source: LittleBeautyBag
Source: Beautylab (NL)
On top of that, it also resembles....

Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea:
Source: Libby's Pink Vanity

Barry M Sour Apple:
Source: Beautyill (NL)

Seriously, did all of polish land suddenly decide it was cool to do this? I know I am probably really behind on this but hey. InVogue was only just released here ;-) I am baffled that they wouldn't just use the same idea, but the exact same colour combinations.

Do you own any of the above polishes? Which would be your polish of choice?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mini review: Bourjois Pshiit Nail Art Kit

Just a quick photo review of the elusive Bourjois/Pshiiit nail art kit I bought the other week. I'm very happy with the stickers and the striping tape. The stencils are not so great. I will be posting a mani I made with the star stickers soon, you'll see for yourself what I mean then.

If you find it in stores, I definetely recommend you to get it! Especially if you're a nail art novice =)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Miss Fancy Pants vs Soft Chinchilla

So, for Christmas I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Essie Miss Fancy Pants. I really like greys and greiges. Just in the beginning of December I had bought L'Oréal Colour Riche Soft Chinchilla which I used on the final day of the Lazy 15 Challenge. I immediately thought it would be interesting to see how both compare to the other.

So, here's my first ever comparison post =) First up: the bottles:

I was quite suprised to see the name on top of the Essie bottle, as my other Essies have the name on the barcode sticker.

L'Oréal Colour Riche 622 Soft Chinchilla is a true greige, where Miss Fancy Pants is more of a warm grey. They results quite differ from what you would expect from the colours in the bottles!

I tried to take some pictures in different situations because the difference in colour is quite hard to catch sometimes. I had my nails like this for three days and nobody said anything!
The third picture is probably truest. My hands are still quite tanned haha.

Click to enlarge.

So, are they dupes? Certainly not! Are they close enough together that you only need one and can skip the other? Well, that depends on how much you like greys and greiges =) I have both of them now and have no intention on giving one away or *gasp* throwing one out.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review: Catrice Steel My Heart

Time for a quick review!

The other week I spotted two Catrice polishes that boasted 'brushed metal effect'. This intrigued me, and I wanted to try if this was like the liquid sand structure by OPI (which OPI releases Monday over here).

I bought them both even though I didn't care much about the colours. Yikes. Let's just say it was for research purposes. Plus, the names Steel My Heart and Steel My Soul are pretty cute, right? 

Left hand

The polishes were pretty much what I expected. A gritty texture, but not unpleasant. I found myself looking at my nails every now and then, moving my fingers to see the glitters/shimmer.
I won't try to describe the colours. I know I'll fail. The first thing that comes to mind for both is 'purple', however they are just... not purple. It was also impossible to photograph, so I have stolen the following pic from a Dutch blogger, BelindaPol:

Check Google for additional pics here.

Now the bad news.
I applied two coats at night before I went to bed to read. Before noon the next day, I was already bored. I just wanted to slap on a topcoat and get it over with!
Also, in the short hours I wore this polish outside of bed and it chipped like you wouldn't believe on my right hand. Come on, I don't do any manual labour, this is not how my nails should look after four hours! And well (duh)- I can't fix this by wearing a top coat. Grmbl.

Right hand
So, does this make me hesistant about getting the OPI Liquid Sand polishes? Yup. It does. But, knowing me, I might end up getting them after all ;-)

What are your thoughts on brushed metal/liquid sand polishes?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review: Essence Peel Off base coat

As I mentioned in my previous post, I tried Essence Peel Off base coat. Originally part of the Ready for Boarding LE, it now seems to been added to the regular assortment.I missed the LE so I used the one on the right.

Picture: Essence EU
Picture: Essence EU

First thoughts? It looks and smells like crafts glue. Remembering crafts glue and its qualities from my childhood, it actually made sense to me, too.
After some browsing, I found out I'm not the only one who noticed the resemblance with some people even going so far as to use crafts glue now as a base coat!

Clean nail
Step One: apply a generous amount of basecoat. Clean the edges.

Directly after applying
Step two: wait ten minutes for polish to dry. It will become transparent. This took about two minutes for me. It keeps feeling slightly rubbery even after ten minutes.

Half a minute after applying
One minute after applying

90 seconds after applying
Sorry about the difference in lighting. I had to take the pictures quickly (obviously) and there were some clouds :(

After ten minutes, I applied my polishes for the Warrior Princess mani. I wore that for two days I decided to matte it and boy! It was the first mani I didn't like matte :-( So it was time for The Big Peel Off!
I started by just using one fingernail to push the polish from the cuticles towards the top of the nail. This wrinkled and peeled the polish.

Tadaaa! That's my thumb with the polish that had been on there just a minute earlier. No need for remover, cotton balls, or whatever =) For the first time I didn't instantly want to grab my hand lotion.  I think it's a great idea, I will be lots less hesitant to use glitters! Plus, I love the idea that I can just remove my polish whenever I fancy, even on a busy train or at the office.
I have to say though, my sister (and guest author) didn't manage to get the polish on top smooth, she kept seeing ridges.

They advise to keep away from warm water for two hours after applying this polish so you'd better not do this before taking a shower! All in all, what do you think? Cool or yucky?