Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Black & Blue Matte

So so sorry about the yucky edges and cuticles. This mani was three days old when I took the picture. I love matte top coats but they seem to do nothing for the lasting period of the polish :-(

Left Essie Bikini So Teeny, right Rimmel Aqua Cool

Bikini so Teeny is my first bottle of Essie polish. In the bottle, silver specks are clearly visibile, but after applying these seem to disappear. It basically looks just like Rimmels Aqua Cool once it's dry. Which I already own. So yeah. Big disappointment.

As for the black: I just <3 a matte black!

In unrelated news I got myself a new bottle of white stampy polish. I just love the stuff so you'll be seeing loads of white (details) here :-)

I used: Essie Bikini so Teeny, drug store brand black polish, Essence Matt top coat, Essence gel look topcoat (ring finger)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Black & Gold: Glitter

In a sequel to Black & Gold mani: I present to you Black & Gold: Glitter!

Ooooh, shiny!
I was trying my newly acquired O.P.I Spider-Man polishes and I was really impressed with the Number One Nemesis. It has a green undertone which you wouldn't think from seeing it in the bottle! I must do a swatch some time. I kept that on for about... 24 hours before I started doodling again and this was the result!

I actually took several pictures but the light was terrible (did we just skip summer?). So I'm only posting this one, as it shows how cool and flaky Essence Make it Golden is.

I used: O.P.I Number One Nemesis, drug store brand black, Essence Make it Golden, no topcoat.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

EURO 2012 Nails: Germany

My next stop in the adventure of EURO 2012 nails was Germany. Just watching the game minutes after the first Dutch game inspired me. I tried regular white polish first but that stayed sheer. My white stamping polish has gone gooey, I was rushed and I couldn't do the whole taping thing so it's not my best mani ever. I even tried to even it out using Paint which I am shamed to admit but even digital retouches couldn't help this one ;-)I was doubting if I should post this at all but hey: it might inspire someone and inspiration is what this blog is all about!
First, here's what inspired me:

The German EURO 2012 kit, stylish!

And this is what I turned my inspiration into:

All in all it was a cool mani and not one of my co-workers noticed so it was great being incognito as a Germany supporter ;-) I might just do this one again for the quarter finals! After I get new white polish...

I used: Essence Stampy polish, drug store brand black

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

EURO 2012 Nails

So EURO 2012 is in full swing and boy is this an exciting tournament! I love football so I'm watching quite a few games. We actually have an office pool so it's a load of fun!

I started the tournament with an orange mani, inspired by the Dutch team. This is their jersey and a very angry looking Rafael van der Vaart.


If you ask me, orange isn't the easiest colour. I find it can look tacky, especially if you have longer nails. But who cares, it's EURO 2012! I even decided to spice things up by adding a little glitter gradient. I love this orange colour (Watch out! by Essence) because it has a gold shimmer. I would have to say the flash picture is more true to life than the daylight picture.

Daylight picture

Flash picture

Funny how my fingers look slimmer and longer in the flash picture! My nails have been growing like crazy lately, lucky me :-)

I used: Essence Watch Out!, Essence Copper'ize me!, NYC In a New York Minute top coat, nail art rhine stones

Thursday, 7 June 2012

We All Need It

Love, love, love

Okay, before you go all 'my goodness she's orange! Gosh look at the state of her cuticles!' I will tell you that this picture wasn't supposed to be. The light is flash only so hardly true to life. It was taken at night, in the dark. So why? Well, my Geek writes music. He sent me a message with a recording of him playing with piece of music he's written for me. Naturally I wanted to send him something sweet in return and I had just done this earlier, wasn't happy with it but hadn't removed it. It's hardly composing a piece of music but it's the only thing I have that comes close to a talent!

I used: O.P.I Number One Nemesis, Essence Stampy Polish White, Essence Nail Art Stampy Set+ extra plate, matte topcoat.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Gradient Nails: Sky

So I tried the gradient nails (I just loved the colour combo over at The Nailasaurus and used that tutorial) with a bit of white and pale blue. To be honest, I tried two shades of pink first but it was a mess.

Try to not see these babies!

Sorry about the small picture, it's just that it looks terrible up close! I got quite some compliments but I already have new polish on my nails as I was just too unsure.

I have found that cutting the sponges to fit your nails makes it easier, as I kept overestimating the length and then the gradient was too long :-( I'm excited to try this gradient thing again!

I used: Essence Stampy Polish white (base), Miss Sporty Et voilà! Nail tip whitener, Rimmel 420 Aqua Cool, Essence Gel Look topcoat

Monday, 4 June 2012

I See You

Here's lookin' at you
Every now and then, I think I have this amazing, unique idea and I just HAVE to do the mani RIGHT AWAY. Of course then I can't help but Google the mani and see dozens of people have also had the same amazing, unique idea.

The same thing happened with this mani. All of a sudden I thought 'an eye would be awesome here!' and started designing in my head (hey, I was at work). As soon as I got home I grabbed the colours and got painting. When I Googled 'eye nails' as my nails were drying, I saw quite some eye mani's, but luckily they were all done differently and none like mine. Yay!

I am not a great freehander. The iris bled a bit and I couldn't fix it. I tried but gave up because I didn't want to reach that point where you've ruined it and can only wipe the whole thing off. All in all I thought it looked quite cool :-)

I used: Miss Sporty Et voilà! Nail tip whitener, Essence Cool and the Gang, drug store brand black, Essence Quick Dry topcoat