Thursday, 19 July 2012

Neon... Skittle... Cracked!

Let me just give you a minute to gaze at this mani.

Isn't the coolest? I couldn't wait to try out my neons (as I mentioned in my previous post about the poor Copper Latte) and decided to go for a skittle*.

Strictly speaking the white is not a neon, it is a basecoat included in the Outrageous Neons set to make the colours *pop* even more. But since I have five fingers and four colours for each hand... It's not too far of a stretch, I'd say.

When I finished my Skittle, I was slightly overwhelmed and worried what my boss would say... Here's why:
Neon Skittle with flash

And I know you're thinking 'what were you expecting? You bought NEON colours!' but after looking for them for so long and now seeing them in the bottles, I wasn't expecting the result to be this.... Neon.

Neon colours are always a challenge for cameras and computer screens. So I decided to take one more picture, twilight, no flash to show just how popping these colours are!

As you can see, I had already decided to do the cracking when I thought of taking the picture. I was slightly worried that the neon would be lost after adding the cracking top coat, but luckily it is still there <3.

If you want to try this mani, I would recommend that you use the O.P.I topcoat before adding the cracking top coat, as it improves the results. For reference= pinky was without topcoat, other fingers with.

I used: OPI Outrageous Neons, Claires Crackle topcoat, OPI topcoat (included in neon set)

*Skittle= The classic Skittle Manicure is made of at least two nail polishes which are also applied on the full nail. The colors don’t have to be in the same color family. Basically like the candy Skittles which this nail look is named after. -

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Copper Latte

Woops, one day late! We had friends over for dinner last night, sorry :-)

This mani was real pretty- for the 2 minutes it was on my nails. I had spent a day preparing it but then came across O.P.I Outrageous Neons, so... I didn't quite finish Copper Latte as in cuticle clean-up etcetera, too eager to start with the neons!    

I <3 matte + glitter combis

I used: Essence Iced Latte, Essence Matt top coat, Essence Copper'ize Me

Monday, 16 July 2012

Guest Post: Mermaid Fest

Yippie, my first guest author! Please welcome my lovely sister aka Mummy of my darling Nephew <3 =)

Thank you Fabby for the honour to guest blog on your Nailed It blog! I have a thing with purple, white sparkly & shiny polishes. So my collection is a wide variety of shades of the above. However since I discovered Bourjois Metallic Turquoise eyepencils, I have found a "new blue"! I couldn't resist and went on a hunt for shiny turquoise & pale blue, including sparkles of course. Never thought I'd end up buying 2 Essie nail polishes simultaneously!

At home I sat in the sun and let the sparkle fest begin! In holiday spirit I decided to start with Essie Beach Bum Blue, added a layer of silver effects to give it extra shine!

Don't you just want to go for a swim?

They almost glow in sunlight <3
Compared to my toe nails, it really shows how the silver transforms the layer below.

To top it off I added 1 layer of Glorious Aquarius glitters (silver and turquoise) and a top coat to smoothen it up. It looks so awesome in the sun! The polishes play with the sun, appearing to change colours depending on the angle you look at it. I definitely
found another favourite colour combination!

Wow Suze, this looks like a winner =) Easy to do but it looks so... almost magical. I might just try this for my French Riviera holiday =) Thank you for the inspiring guest post!

Suze used: Essie Beach Bum Blue, Essie Glorious Aquarius

Thursday, 12 July 2012

After Ten

So much chocolate <3
Is there anything yummier than chocolate? 

For this mani I was inspired by... The polish I mistakenly bought. Yup, that's right. I was going for Decadent Dish but the lighting of Essie displays here is dreadful, shop was closing and there was a wrong bottle where Decadent Dish was supposed to be. Darn you, lazy shoppers!

Anyway, I noticed my error on the train and was inspired by the colour! I had also bought Allure (they don't sell Marshmallow over here, the one I actually wanted) and seeing them together I instantly thought of After Eight chocolates. The yummy chocolate squares with the runny mint inside. Mmmm. For the ring finger I though of Mint Crunchie (which I never liked, but my sister did)

Can I just say that Essie Chocolate Cakes really looks just like molten choc inside the bottle? <3

I used: Essie Chocolate Cakes, Essie Allure, Rimmel Bright Back At You, Essence A Walk In The Park, Essence Check Me Out

As for the piece of choc I am holding...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mum's Mani

Last Saturday was a momentous day. I live a 2 hrs drive from my family, so I don't see them as often as I'd like. Last Saturday I went to spend the evening with my mum and sleep in my 'old' room. She was going to an event the next day and suddenly came out with 'you can do my nails if you want to'. Needless to say I was de-ligh-ted! =D

She's a real 'red is for toenails, toenails are for red' and 'I need a new shade of mother of pearl' kind of lady. But I was in for a surprise. A nearby nationwide drugstore (the one that sells the black polish I use) has been giving away small bottles of nailpolish with every purchase over a certain amount. They have a choice of eight funky colours so I had her choose between 'safely bold' or 'boldly bold' and she chose the latter!

These are the colours:

Etos give-away colours
And the awesome thing is, they let you choose!

Seeing as my mum is no spring chicken, I decided that there are limits to bold. I chose two colours and stuck with them, adding just a string of stamped flowers and a touch of glitter:

Mum mani

My mum is even less patient than I am. This mani really tested her patience as the freebies needed three layers to be opaque.
So after that, she really didn't want the fuss of cleaning up her cuticles and all. But I'm sure you'll forgive her. Just this once ;-) Can't wait to do her nails again!

I used: Etos freebies, Essence Glitter twin '' Edward'', Essence stamping plate

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Festival nails: Copper Glitter Gradient

A few days delayed but here they are- my festival nails! With my Queen B ;-)

Yay for glitter!

The picture really doesn't do it justice.
I was a bit unsure at first because I felt the copper tint made my nails look sickly. However, I got used to it quickly =)

Copper'ize me is just the prettiest. It's a mainly copper glitter with specks of yellow, white, magenta, red, blue and green. Here's a close up so you can see all the different colours of glitter that are in there:
How many colours can you find?

I used: Essence Copper'ize me, NYC In a New York Minute top coat

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cracking Champagne

Different cracking patterns, one polish
Okay, so I was going to do a blog of my festival nails but I don't have the picture right now. Grrr. Also, I didn't find any neon colours and I got run over by a tourist cyclist in the shopping street so the project 'festival nails' sort of has a bitter taste to it now :-(
Will post the mani Thursday though as it was pretty nonetheless:-).

This is a combination of an Essence Cracking basecoat and topcoat. The base is called 'Champagner'  which is actually the German word for champagne so no, it''s not a type =)

Cracking always looks cool so this is nothing special, but I think this picture shows the difference the way of applying makes in the cracking pattern. The difference between the thumb and ring finger is striking!

I used: Essence Cracking Champagner basecoat, Essence Crack me! black