Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Yay Pinterest!

Woops, it's been a week! Sorry! Peak season has arrived in all its glory (puh!) and I'm just exhausted when I get home. I have two hours at home before I go to bed so I really prefer to spend them with My Geek rather than typing away at my laptop. Priorities, priorities. Also, I am not sure if I will manage to post a mani today. Sorry =(

I have a tiny bit of news today though: I have made a Pinterest board =) So, if you're on Pinterest, find my FabbyNailedIt board here. I will also be making a board with my favourite nails as I sometimes would love to show them to you all =)

Are you on Pinterest? I would love to see your Pins!


Friday, 12 April 2013

Lavender Galaxies

Even though the look is probably 'passed', I still love Galaxy nails. Love, love, love them. But even I am done with dark nails now, and really up for some bright colours! So, why not make Galaxy nails, but using other colours?

I initially considered doing neon galaxies, but quickly realised it was failure waiting to happen. So I continued with lavender. I started with a white base but soon realised I needed a dark base colours for depth so switched the intended order in which to apply the polishes.

In the end I think the look is more 'water colour' than 'galaxy'. However, it's still a cool look that doesn't require all that much skill!
Have you ever tried an alternative Galaxy mani?

I used: Rimmel Ultraviolet, Rimmel Sky High, Hema 01 pink (no name), Hema white (no name), Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Essence Elves Like Lilac, Sally Hansen Disco Ball

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Polishes make great gifts!

Another quick NOTD. Recently friends came over for dinner. It was the first time they visited since my move. The guy actually lives in what used to be my appartment, how weird is that!?
It was a great evening of good food, lovely conversations and Little Big Planet2, and not only did they bring some yummy beers, they also gave me this pretty, pretty, purple polish! How sweet is that?!

This is three coats and no, I didn't clean up, I just had to take pictures. But needless to say, they are welcome to come back for dinner anytime =D

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Day At The Fair

Indie time!

Recently I bought my first Indies. Well, actually one for me and one for my sister =) They were both Daily Lacquers. I love this brand so much, Maggy is so talented <3 And I adore all the geeky themes for her collections!

So, the other week I brought my broken netbook to work to ask a colleague if he could check it out. He did and said it was unrepairable. I have a laptop so it's not too much of a disaster but still. I did feel sad about it.
He then said he wanted to keep the netbook as a sort of mp3-player. I wasn't quite sure what to do because hey, do I just trust you and give you my netbook? Or do I not trust you and ask money for a thing that's broken?
In the end he offered me the following deal: he would give me 25,-, which I had to spend on Daily Lacquers. Now, that was indeed an offer I could not refuse =) He picked one shade, I picked the other. So, here they are, my new Daily Lacquers. Can I just say they look more rough on this pic then they do in real life? They are quite fantastic =)

I used: Daily Lacquer Fluffy Cotton Candy and Ice Cold Lemonade, Bourjois Bleu Fabuleux

Monday, 8 April 2013

Not Polish Related: Cats & Balconies

Please forgive me for posting something NPR. It's about cats though, to the interwebs that's practivally the same. Right? I mean - we have Beauty Cat and Sophisticated Cat both talking about nail polish.

Anyway. This weekend was the first where we wanted to open our balcony door. Well, the first since we've had Ezio.
Ezio is an indoors-cat. We do want him to enjoy the lovely weather as much as we do, however, we want to keep him safe at the same time. Over time, we hope to be able to teach him to enjoy the balcony but stay off the railings.
The cats on the next balcony are often outside so really I'd like to ask our neighbours how they did it, but I would feel like a weirdo ringing their bell to ask them about their cats!

So, for now we have a temporary solution. We've put a hook in the door post and attached a cat leash to it, then opened the door. Actually, I am not sure if it is called a leash. But harness sounds so cruel!
Overall he's just fine with the leash, he'll play wearing it but sometimes he likes to be a little drama queen and go all crocodile-death-roll on us.

Leaving the door open while he was on the leash seemed a bit bewildering to him. So, we moved his favourite chill-out spot to the door opening.
This is a cat hammock that he never cared for until we put it over the back of a chair. Like this -------->

We have since put weights on the chair to balance it and keep Ezio safe.
So, last weekend we moved the chair to the open door and put Ezio on his leash. That way, he could watch, hear and smell everything from the comfort of his favourite spot. I believe it was an all-round win! Here he is, in total awe. Safely indoors with his people, but fooling himself that he's actually a brave outdoors-kitty.

Of course, one of us stayed within viewing range at all times. I still hope we can find a way to train him (ha! I just said 'train' about a cat!) to stay on the balcony without the leash. If anyone has any tips, they would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Nail Art with Essence Kit


Beginning of the year Essence came out with the Vintage Disctrict LE. They have a new LE every month but not every LE is released everywhere =(
We were lucky to get the VD LE here. When I saw the promo on Facebook I knew there was one thing I couldn't afford to miss:
Photo: chicprofile.com
 (Picture found here)

Microbeads! Hexes! Glequins! I couldn't find the sets anywhere so my sister was sweet enough to get me both =) You may have spotted the beads in this mani. Am I using too much minty green these days?

Anyway. For this mani I used the gold foil that was in the set. It was horrible to work with. It just fell apart when I as much as looked at it. Sad face.

It doesn't look half bad in the pictures though =) Perfect for spring!

I used: Essence Vintage District Nail Art Decoration Kit, Rimmel Bright Back At You, Hema 01 pink (no name), Rimmel, Ultraviolet, Rimmel Sky High, Kiss stud, OPI top coat

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

NOTD: Disco Ball Fabuleux

Outdoors photo

Indoors photo

Bourjois Bleu Fabuleux, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball