Monday, 30 September 2013

Pink & Polished Birthday Multi Blogger GIVEAWAY!

YES! It's finally here! A GIVEAWAY! And not just any giveaway, a multi blogger giveaway!

This is so exciting, I can't begin to tell you! I had been planning to doing a giveaway but never really felt I had enough followers to do it. So when I spotted the message from the lovely Kristine over at Pink & Polished if anyone was interested in joining her Birthday Giveaway, I jumped at the chance.

If you're not familiar with Pink & Polished (though I'm guessing you are), it has become one of my three favourite blogs. She quickly replaced The Nailasaurus. Why? I still love Sammy's designs, but feel like she's stuck at a certain level (although a level I can only dream off). Kristine is growing and growing and I envy her skills greatly. And that's not all, she's also one of the sweetest bloggers out there =) I mean hello, have you seen this giveaway?

Anyway, on to The Giveaway! *angels sing etc*
Here is what I am giving to one lucky winner:

-Herôme "Amsterdam" (thought it fitting as I am shipping from Amsterdam!)
-Hema teal shimmer polish
Darling Diva in "Shameena" and "Ermehgerd"
-2 surprise Applepiepieces accessories
-Handmade Ring and Pendant by *me*

But WAIT! There is so much more! Check out all the other prizes from all the other bloggers who are participating. It's enough to get you salivating, I promise. 

Pink & Polished
(who is organising this polish fest)
-6-piece China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces collection
-OPI Euro Central 4-piece mini set
-2 Layla holographic polishes in Ocean Rush and Coral Glam
-4 'caviar bead' set (red, blue, lavender, gold)
-2 tubes of small hex glitter (pink, teal)
-4 mini flocking powder pots (blue, lavender, white, pink)
-6 pots of medium hex glitter (orange, purple, pink, silver holo, blue, yellow)
-penguin files
-2 piece striping tape
-KleanColor Holo Chrome (scatter holo)
-Wet N' Wild On A Trip (creme)
-Sinful Colors Queen of Deco (glitter)
-Booty Babe Skinny Dip (topper)
-KleanColor Madly Matte (matte top coat)
-Essence It's Purplicious (glitter)
-KleanColor Pastel Pink (creme)
-Ruby Kisses Purple Fever (shimmer)
-Essence Nail Art Designer Set (striper brush & 3 gradient sponges)
-Shany mini glass file
-Cassie Cosmetics bag

-12 nail foils (in makeup bag)
-Julep Freedom Top Coat
-2 Salon Effects
-1 Kiss Nail Dress
-5 Misc Polishes

-4 Wet n Wild Megalast Polishes in fall colors (purple, nude, red, darker red)

-Winner's Choice: Two Full Sized Bottles from new All Holo's Eve collection

-3 New Fall Polishes (handmade) in Golden Fall, Hocus Pocus, Frankie

-$25 Gift Certificate to Ninja Polish

-5 Spoiled Polishes 
-Wet n' Wild in Bijou Blue
-SinfulShine in Slick
-OPI Liquid Sand in Tiffany Case

-Two Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers in Deepest Inquisitions and Watch the Walls
-Candy and fun extras!

And some wonderful ladies have come together to offer a "mystery amount" E-Gift Card to your retailer of choice! Here are the lovely ladies!
-Sassy Shelly
-Polish Obsession
-Plump and Polished
-Midnight Manicures
-Ashley is PolishAddicted
-Lydias Nails

And the best part? Thanks to the wonderful ladies that contributed to the gift card, this giveaway is open internationally!!!! The e-gift card and the $25 gift card to Ninja Polish are both international options! Thanks so much ladies!
Now to the most important part! There are 17 mandatory entries to unlock all of the rest of the entries so make sure you do them for a better chance! Tweeting, Posting on Facebook, and posting on Instagram can be done daily. Giveaway will run until October 27th!
So what are you waiting for? Enter! Enter!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

#HePicksMyPolish September Challenge

Soooo, The Sparkle Queen came up with a cool challenge: #HePicksMyPolish.

Since I am always bugging my man to do my nails (he's a fantastic artist) but he refuses (it's not manly and all that), I thought this would be the perfect way to... Ease him into it! Ha! He agreed to do it, thought it was fun even. I was going to post this before the weekend but something very exciting came up (more to follow!) so it had to wait.

So. Step 1 was easy. Since all my polishes are on display in our living room!

Step 2. My guy is always home before I am. He texted me to say the three polishes were waiting for me when I got home. He also cooked for me before he left for band practice. It was a good night!
He picked a Cybele polish that is a dupe for OPI Tomorrow Never Dies (if you ask me), Nails Inc Cambridge Terrace and Bourjois Lime Catwalk.

Step 3. Well, here is the result:
Easy Nail Art Challenge
Click to enlarge
I have to say, when I first saw the polishes, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off. The Cybele and Nails Inc were perfect together, but to add the Bourjois? Gasp.

Step 4. Well, I shared here. I also shared in the Facebook group. Check it out!

Step 5. The polishes are listed in Step two. He= my man. Even though he dumped my ass at the beginning of summer, he soon realised his life sucks without me, so HA!
Yeah that's just me acting all tough. I am thankful everyday that he came to his senses and we can make each other happy again.
Free tip for those of you who are in a relationship: communication, communication, communication.

I really enjoyed this challenge. Even though it's almost October, I am definitely going to be doing this again. The next 'he' might be my nephew, I'm sure he'd be honoured!

Check out the other participants below:

Friday, 20 September 2013

Feathers are ALL the rage.

Hi pretties =)

The other week a local drugstore announced they would be stocking InVogue polishes. This is a new brand for me so I tracked it down. When I found the display one night at central station (SO dangerous!), I noticed the feather polishes immediately. I had been looking at these but from Nails Inc. So I picked up a black concrete finish and 'On the money', a clear polish with yellow and blue bars.

I was really miffed when I wanted to open the bottle. Because this:

I can't be sure if it's a brand thing or a store thing, but I know this store doesn't even tape their Essies this way. And those cost twice as much.

When I tried to remove the tag and tape, the result was this: 
Yes. The black had not only come off the label, but also the cap itself.

The black one looked like this:

Not a good start!

But. Onto the polish itself. As I mentioned, it's very similar to Nails Inc Brighton. I will not be getting both polishes since they are clearly too similar for my liking, so I can't be doing a side by side comparison. But I think the following photo's will be informative enough. Click to enlarge!

InVogue On The Money:

Nails Inc Brighton:
Source: LittleBeautyBag
Source: Beautylab (NL)
On top of that, it also resembles....

Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea:
Source: Libby's Pink Vanity

Barry M Sour Apple:
Source: Beautyill (NL)

Seriously, did all of polish land suddenly decide it was cool to do this? I know I am probably really behind on this but hey. InVogue was only just released here ;-) I am baffled that they wouldn't just use the same idea, but the exact same colour combinations.

Do you own any of the above polishes? Which would be your polish of choice?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Facebook! Tumblr!

Did you know... I have a Facebook page? Zero likes so far, so start liking! Also, if you have your own nail art to share, please do!

Did you know... I also have a tumblr? Like my Facebook, it is a work in progress. But start liking, start sharing, let's make this another fun place to find nail art inspiration for the busy, clumsy, or just lazy.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Super Easy Nail Art: China Glaze Shape Shifter

Today I bring you another polish I acquired through a beauty swap on Facebook. It's the magnificent China Glaze Shape Shifter. It is one of their Tranzitions polishes. I had been looking for it online, decided not to buy and then just a few days later it popped up on a swap list. So it was just meant to be =)
You can see the difference in colour between my thumb and the other fingers. My thumb is without top coat, the others with. This causes the change in colour - or tranzition, I suppose.

Check out this pic from Polish Insomniac that really does the polish more justice:

I really love both colours, and it is my only China Glaze polish so far, so I'm pleased.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Photobombing Cats

Friday the 13th today, OH NOES. Friday the 13th means (black) cats. So let's talk about cats.

Nobody ever warned me how much of an influence having a cat would have on my blog. Not just because of the cat mani's (here and here) and the cat hairs that magically appear on my tacky polish and ruin the entire mani, but also THE PHOTOBOMBING.

So far, I've showed you these gems:

And here is the latest one.
And if you're wondering: yes, this set will be making an appearance on this blog soon ;-)

Ezio is so interested in my polishes, my Geek once said I should consider using him as a photo prop rather than Queen Bee. I tried this once, just for fun =) He was a real trooper!
To think the poor thing was pretty scared of my fingers as a kitten whenever I wore white polish!

Now, don't go feeling sorry for him. Obviously, I am not holding onto him tightly. Hello, he's a cat. Cats don't put up with nonsense. Let alone one named after an Assassin.
Oh, and the polishes are one coat of a nameless Daily Lacquer (it was a gift) over Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Matte Nude Neon Metallic Madness!

Another Nails of the Day =)

I love love love this combo. It's Rimmel Rain, Rain Go Away, Miss Sporty Matte top coat, followed by striped Nails Inc Cambridge Terrace and Urban Decay Woodstock. Le sigh.